Suddilis and Xthraxix - cleric and imp team. Was assigned to investigate activities in Ashbenford area from Zhentil Keep. Was mind controlled a short time by the Cult of the Dragon to capture Glimkin.

Tierimar and Morias - wizards met Shraevyn's Tomb. Had captured Avium
Headquarters: Citadel of the Raven
Loyalties: Lady Alicia
Part of the Raven Wands. Temporarily assigned to Ilthond as advisors. They specialize in magic item retrieval and know much about lost magic items in the Dalelands. Tierimar is training to be a Zhentarium Skymage and Morias is older and more sagelike. The two work well together.

Ilthond (NE male W?) powerful zhentarim wizard
Assigned by Council of Lords to hold Dagger Falls and crush Randal Morn. Was apprenticed to Malyk who was killed in 1353.
Was told about to group by Mezrin Shundulk and Weaver

Lady Alicia (LE female W11+ always higher than PCs)
Headquarters: Citadel of the Raven
Loyalties: Chembryl
She escaped the destruction of Zhentil Keep by Manshoon's hand, spirited away to the Citadel and kept safe as a pawn, despite her status as the first Lady to site on the Council of Lords of Zhentil Keep. After the coup of this year, Fzoul placed Alicia at the head of the Citadel's wizardly forces (the "Raven Wands") on equal status with its military commander, Kandar Milinal.
Alicia has no desire to return to the Keep. She sees a new game in worming her way into becoming consort to the charismatic Grand Tyrant Chembryl, who now makes his home at the Citadel. She is also one of the few who wishes to maintain business relations, and deals with Lord Aumraven to keep the Anauroch trade routes open and the money flowing, despite both sides' priests' complaints of working with heretics.

Lord Taradril Aumraven (LE W14+ always higher than PCs)
Headquarters: Darkhold
Loyalties: Sememmon
Saved from the destruction of the Keep by Sememmon, this former merchant mage of ancient years abandoned his destroyed holdings to help build the mercantile arm of Darkhold, which it now desperately needs while cut off from Zhentil Keep and the Citadel.
Aumraven cannily and quickly established the western trade through Darkhold and has forged clandestine ties with Lady Alicia in the Citadel of the Raven to maintain the cross-Anaurock trade (from which they pocked more than hlaf the money through creative accounting). Haughty and full of "old money" attitudes about the Zhentarim, Aumraven considers Sememmon a far more suitable leader than Manshoon, who cared more for his secrets than for his people's welfare adn wealth.


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