Weaver Halfast
Everyone in Stumphill, all the old timers in Archendale, and many of the Mistledale Lancers know old Weaver. He is a retired adventurer and was a member of several bands of adventueres who traveled mostly throughout the Dalelands, but what is not known is he has traveled much further than that. After many years of travel and loosing more friends than he can count, Weaver returned to his home and now works as a scout for the Mistledale Lancers, the defenders of Mistledale. He has a small burrow in the town of Stumphill west of Archendale, but spends many night camped elsewhere. He spends much of his time in western Mistledale keeping an eye on goblins coming down from the Thunder Peaks and reporting their movements to Riders of Mistledale.

DM’s Note: Weaver is member of the Harpers, though mostly retired now. He has several contacts among the Harper organization.

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