Calendar entries are events that effect the Dalelands area generally.
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DR Details
-4000 The Coronal Oacenth of Jhyrennstar falls ill; the Ruling Trials last from Midsummer to Harvestide; the three elfblades are forged. Coronal Kahvoerm Irithyl becomes the ruler of Semberholme, Jhyrennstar, and Elven Court, all of which are now the elven nation of Cormanthyr.
-3983 The birth of the city of Cormanthor begins here, with the Summoning of the Rule Tower.
-3095 Half of the Nether Scrolls is stolen by elves of Cormanthyr and secreted away by the High Mages of that realm. One of the thieves is the gnome elf-friend Rilmohx Sha'Quessir.
-339 Karsus casts the twelfth-level spell Karsus Avatar and all magic ceases for a time, returning much changed.
-200 First Dalesfok cross the Dragon Reach to southern area of Cormanthor.
1 The Standing Stone is raised by the elves of Cormanthyr and the Dalesmen, starting the Dalereckoning Calender.
6 Ondeth Obarskyr and his family settle in the forest of Cormyr.
52 First permanent farms in Dalelands settled
101 Josidiah Starym is born to the gold elven House Starym of Myth Drannor, to his gold elf father and moon elf mother. He has his father's features and golden hair, but has his mother's uncanny sapphire-blue eyes, a strange combination for a noble gold elf child.
112 Cormyrean cartographers create the first recognized map of Cormyr, Cormanthor, and the Dalelands.
261 Laying of the Mythal at Myth Drannor. Myth Drannor created for all races. Cormanthor changes its name to Myth Drannor (The City of Might, Bards, Song, Beauty, Crowns, Love).
262 While numerous members of many elven clans quit Myth Drannor rather than share it with the N'Tel'Quess, only minor families and the five major Houses of Bharaclaiev, Hyshaanth, Rhaevaern, Starym, and Tellynnan abandon the city for other purely elven settlements in Cormanthyr and elsewhere (though a limited number of each clan remain in the city). Only the Starym were a senior clan, and in respect of that, their lands were left to be vacant for 300 years; if not claimed by the clan again, the manors and holdings would return to the Coronal.
273 The first migration of dwarves arrives at Myth Drannor in three small clans from Ammarindar and Citadel Felbarr.
276 The forges of the dwarven clans Snowsbattle and Honedaxe produce three great gifts in gratitude for their new homes in Myth Drannor; the Beljuriled Belt of Battle for the Coronal; the Shield of Briars for the Arms-Major, and the Heralds' Horn for the Spell-Major of the Akh'Faer (which would become better known later by its primary wielder's name as The Harking Horn of Ishildé).
284 A great halfling migration hundreds strong arrives at Myth Drannor from Meiritin and Tethyr via the first open gates set up to bring folk to the city.
286 As most social clubs in Myth Drannor are privately owned and often held exclusive memberships, the halflings of the city surprise all by opening taverns to everyone, the first and most storied of which is the Treant's Treat, located in a warren beneath a great, petrified tree. Within a decade, even elven taverns, inns, and halls are lessening their strictures on patrons (though some places still discriminate by trade, wealth, or other prejudices). By 307 DR, only a few elite sites in the Kerradunath district restrict themselves to established elven club members.
292 Gnomes walk the sylvan glades of Myth Drannor for the first time since escaped gnome slaves passed through Cormanthor in Netheril's time.
379 A septet of notable mages of Cormanthyr form an alliance and build the first school of wizardry open to all the races of Myth Drannor whose teachers were not exclusively elves. This group soon becomes known outside the city as the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor.
437 By this time, all the rivers and lakes in Anauroch have dried up, leaving an ever-expanding desert.
500 Josidiah Starym mounts a campaign to recover the lost Soldier's Blade of Cormanthyr after nearly 800 years; he does this as way to prove to Coronal Eltargrim that the heir of House Starym is noble enough to marry his niece and heir. The opening gambit of this search sees a temporary fall of the garrisoned drow at the Twisted Tower, since that was where the Soldier's Blade was lost to Cormanthyr. Josidah and his troupe of bladesingers and akh-faern venture into the Underdark beneath the Tower, vowing to return in a century with the lost treasures.
503 Seven halfling scouts of the akh'velahrn destroy a large encampment of Moander's faithful near the ruins of his temple and his entombed remains. This septet becomes heroes of Myth Drannor, their deeds celebrated for much of the winter among their kin. Two of the seven also become the first halfling armathors of Myth Drannor at the bidding of Coronal Eltargrim.
580 Ecamane Truesilver becomes one of the first humans to learn of the Quess'Ar'Teranthvar and gain knowledge from it. After ten months of meditation with the artifact, Ecamane leaves Windsong Tower, his hair prematurely white due to the magics and wisdom he gained from the transformed Nether Scrolls.
588 Ecamane Truesilver leaves Myth Drannor with comrades and pupils of his own to restore proper studies of magic to the Savage North and redeem the ill deeds of the Netherese archwizards of the past.
591 Oakengrove Abbey, a human stronghold dedicated to Silvanus, is founded roughly 70 miles west of the Standing Stone.
619 An orc horde pours into western Cormanthyr and the Dales, threatening to overrun Semberholme and the southern Dales. The ballad "Battlestars at Tilver's Gap" tells the tale of the destruction of the orcs from Thunder Peaks by the combined Dalesmen militia and elven armies.
640 First mining and trading encampments at Zhentil Keep.
649 The dwarven Realm of Glimmering Swords falls to the orcs in the Battle of Deepfires. A number of dwarven clans flee under the earth, while other craftsmen and noncombatants migrate to Myth Drannor. Humans remain and fight the orcs to retain their new homes.
654 Many druids' enclaves, both human and elven, are established this year throughout both Cormanthyr and the Realms at large.
658 Rathdaen, a Cormyrean mage and Realms-wide explorer of note, arrives in Myth Drannor after a decades-long absence. While never a native, he is close friends with many practitioners of the Art in the City of Song, and remains as a guest for years at a time.
659 More than 50 wizards from Myth Drannor and other parts of the Realms migrate to Silverymoon.
659 The archmage Tulrun arrives in Silverymoon; Ecmane Truesilver sends him to Myth Drannor to study magic under the tutelage of the Seven Wizards.
661 Height of Myth Drannor.
661 The Coronal Eltargrim of Myth Drannor, at dawn on the last day of Midsummer festivals, passes on to Aravandor, leaving only the Ar'Cor'Kerym, his Ruler's Blade, hovering in mid-air atop the Rule Tower. Aravae Irithyl, his niece and heir, proclaims a city-wide period of Mourning for the next five years. Thus ends the Sixth Rysar of Cormanthyr after 866 years.
662 The mage Rathdaen dies peacefully in his sleep, to the sorrow of many of Myth Drannor's inhabitants. He leaves the Tome of Rathdaen to his apprentice, a foolish braggart by the name of Narsel, who fears attacks by jealous rivals trying to steal his master's legacy and immediately leaves for parts west.
664 The Heir's Passing: Aravae Irithyl, the heir of the Coronal of Cormanthyr, and all of her personal guard are found dead under mysterious circumstances the morning after Cinnaelos'Cor. The Srinshee and the High Court Mages insist on maintaining the Mourning Days and add the funeral of Aravae to the solemn times while staving off a succession war among the noble Houses of Cormanthyr.
667 By early summer, the Council of Twelve now rules over Myth Drannor, crafting a new form of representative government. The city is without a Coronal for the first time in it's existence.
668 Wizards begin mysteriously disappearing this year from Myth Drannor and all of Cormanthyr. The only clue is that all the visible gates throughout the city crackle ominously and flash blue lightning within their boundaries. (In truth, Halaster Blackcloak of Undermountain is abducting wizards at random and banishing them to the Underhalls.)
670 Entering the Vault of Ages for the first time in years due to an outbreak of drow within the northwestern forests, the Spell-Major Paeris Haladar finds it empty, the greatest and oldest treasures of Cormanthyr all gone!
671 Twenty months after building an ivory tower north of Cormanthor, the moon elf wizard Abarat contacts former associates for aid against a besieging army of monsters. Though some arrive within hours of receiving the magical message, they discover that both Abarat and the monsters are all missing, as are any external signs of anything amiss. Abarat was never found or heard from again, but his unfinished tower of pure ivory, thereafter known as Abarat's Folly, still stands as a monument of elf wizardry and as a beacon to adventurers seeking gates to the planes that many claim to have seen inside.
672 Many dwarf settlers of Myth Drannor, most of them refugee clans from the fallen Realm of the Glittering Swords, leave the city and move north to the southern shores of the Dragon Sea. They reopen the westernmost mines of Sarphil, known as the Lost Ways, which honeycomb a lengthy escarpment (known as the Scarp) that looms over the eastern reaches of Tailings Bay.
673 The fledgling town of Hillsafar, named in honor of the dwarf clan of the same name, is founded by elves, half-elves, and humans on the western shore of Tailings Bay to trade with the dwarves of the Scarp. Some found this settlement to both keep drow out of the area and maintain some vigilance over Moander's Crypt. Within a few decades, the town's name is corrupted and shortened to Hillsfar.
674 Josidiah Starym returns to Myth Drannor to a hero's welcome as he brings not the expected Soldier's Blade, but the Akh'Faer's Artblade, retrieved from a deep dragon's lair far beneath the Storm Horn Mountains. Unfortunately, his reward is personal heartbreak as he realizes that all he worked for is gone with the passings of both the Coronal and Aravae.
689 The displaced Archmage Paeris Haladar attempts to slay Josidiah Starym with spells, vowing vengeance for his loss of status. Josidiah survives four assassination attempts but is nearly slain in an Honor Duel called to settle the feud. When Paeris seizes the fallen Artblade, he is found unworthy of its power and responsibility. Forever after, dead magic zone surrounds and permeates Paeris Haladar, making him a pariah to all within Cormanthyr. Josidiah reclaims the elfblade and returns to his post as Spell-Major with honor.
690 Sakaala of the Seven Rings disbands and dismantles the Incanistaeum, the school of wizardry run by the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor. She and her three remaining apprentice-students (two elves, one half-elf) leave for parts unknown after growing wings from their backs and taking flight. At last sighting, they are headed to the northwest.
700 The forests of Moondale, founded shortly after the raising of the Standing Stone, are completely cleared by this date even though no living tree was ever felled by its people.
714 Fall of Myth Drannor. The final campaigns of the elves and allies against the Army of Darkness see the reestablishment of Elven Court as a seat of elven power in Cormanthyr while Myth Drannor falls under siege by the Army of Darkness. With the slaughter of the army and cavalry, little can be done against the Siege of Shadow, which descends on Myth Drannor on the 21st day of Kythorn.
715 The elves of Cormanthor spend this summer and the next hunting down and killing the remnants of the Army of Darkness, until the woods are cleansed. This work takes all the magic they have, and most of their best warrior blood.
753 Flostren's Hold renamed Zhentil Keep; the Dark Shrine, a temple to Bane, is built. Zhentar and Lord Elephston kill each other in a duel.
754 Zhentil Keep starts a program of expansion, erecting new walls and the first bridge across the Tesh.
796 Merrydale becomes Daggerdale following vampiric infestation. Jander Sunstar relates this in Vampire of the Mists.
906 Year of the Plough - Shadowdale Founded. Mines of Tethyamar fall to Demonic invasion.
996 Year of Brighter Blades - Shraevyn the weapons-mage created his last blade, The Sword of the Dales.
1104 Year of the Dark Dawn - Tethyamar falls to a legion of orcs, bloodthirty burghests, and demons summonded by the cirlce magic of orc adepts and an archmage claiming to be Great Hlundadim.
1316 The Zhentarim take control of Teshendale. Refugees pour into Daggerdale and Dagger Falls including Zhent agents who incite a rebellion against the Morn family and install Malyk, a Zhentarim agent as ruler.
1323 Birth of Randal Morn
1325 Glimkin Ranor Born in Mistledale on Flamerule 16
1328 Cobb Ranzbiddle born
1329 Filfaeril Selazir wed to King Azoun of Cormyr on Eleint 2.
1332 Azoun IV and his wife, Filfaeril Selzair "the Dragon Queen," have a son, Foril.
1333 Lord Iorltar of Zhentil Keep names Manshoon his successor as first lord.
1334 Prince Foril, infant son of Azoun and Filfaeril of Cormyr (Mirtul 1, 1332 to Uktar 11, 1334), assassinated.
1335 Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr, the Steel Princess of Cormyr, born on Eleint 9 (1335-?).
1336 Azoun IV take the throne of Cormyr
1336 The Zhentarim formally seize Daggerdale and Randal Morn is driven into the life of an outlaw.
1340 Events in Pool of Radiance in Phlan (Tyranthraxus)
1349 Battle of the River Rising in Featherdale (Sembia verses Cult of Dragon)
1344 elves begin retreat to Evermeet from Cormanthor
1345 Khelben Arunsun slays Jyordhan Lord of Shadowdale (BR Start)
1345 Avery born Mirtul 11
1348 Knights of Myth Drannor name first used in Corymr (knighted by Queen Filfaeril)
1348 Khelben gives the Pendant of Ashaba to the Knights of Myth Drannor
1348 Doust Sulwood chosen Lord of Shadowdale
1353 (Year of the Arch): Randal Morn returns to lead a guerrilla insurrection against Malyk's forces, with the goal of freeing the dale from the Zhentarim. He arranges the marriage of his sister, Silver Morn (the only other living member of the family) to a noble of the Cormaeril family in Cormyr to ensure the continued survival of the family line and to prevent the Zhents from ever claiming the lordship should he ever fall in battle. Randal slays Malyk and his forces and reclaims three quarters of the dale. This battle destroys Castle Daggerdale, the place from which the Morns once ruled Daggerdale and where Malyk made his seat of power. Only Dagger Falls and its immediate environs remain under complete Zhentarim control. Randal's role remains shaky, for Zhent caravans continue to move through the entire dale unimpeded and humanoid brigands continue to pillage the dale. Doust Sulwood retires to Arabel in Cormyr. Mourngrym Amcathra becomes Lord of Shadowdale.
1355 Retreat of elves peak from Cormanthor
1355 Shaerl Rowanmantle (friend of Vangerdahast) marries Mourngrym of Shadowdale
1356 (Year of the Worm); In Tarsakh (April), Cormyr sends troops to Tilver's Gap to combat orcs and goblins who have overrun Daggerdale and are threatening Tilver's Gap, Shadowdale and Mistledale. Meanwhile, Shadowdale defeats an invading army from Zhentil keep, though they are outnumbered 5 to 1. In Kythorn (June), the Cormyrean army takes control of Tilver's Gap and the siege of Tilverton by the orcs and goblins is lifted
1356 Dalelands devastated by a Flight of Dragons.
1356 Lashan of Scardale attempts to take over Dalelands and fails. He vanished into ruins of Myth Drannor
1356 Lyran the Pretender attacks Shadowdale
1357 (Year of the Prince): In Flamerule (July), a caravan out of Zhentil Keep is destroyed in the ruined town of Teshwave by allies and warriors of Cormyr. Meanwhile, Mourngrym and Randal Morn, with their own men and a few mercenary additions and loaned troops from Cormyr's garrison in Tilverton fight steadily to hold the overland road from Shadowdale and Mistledale through Tilver's Gap to Cormyr clear for safe passage. Losing this route would mean eventual economic ruin for both dales, and the acceptance of Daggerdale's extinction. In Elesias (August), Cormyrean forces under Duke Bheren advance from Tilverton to Shadowdale, where they join forces with Mourngrym in an attack on a drow caravan, and also aid Randal Morn in his fight to regain parts of Daggerdale from orcs of the Desertsmouth Mountains. Soldiers of Cormyr meet and battle the armies of Zhentil Keep in ruined Teshwave and in Daggerdale.
1358 Time of Troubles begin and the gods walk Faerûn; Destruction of Bane, Bhaal, Myrkul, and other gods; Ascendancy of Cyric and Midnight/Mystra; Dead magic and wild magic areas appear on Faerûn.
1359 (Year of the Serpent): Corrupt Dalesman Tren Noemfor becomes Constable of Dagger Falls and the ruler of Zhent affairs in Daggerdale, though he is considered a puppet (often correctly) by most.
1360 (Year of the Turret): The Temple of Lathander in Dagger Falls burns to the ground and a dozen priests die in their beds. Arson is suspected.
1361 followers of Cyric take Zhentil Keep
1368 Zhentil Keep destroyed after Fzoul Chembryl reads True Life of Cyric
1369 Start of Campaign
1369 Randal Morn and his riders reconquer Dagger Falls from the Zhentarim. The Sword of the Dales, The Secret of Spiderhaunt, and The Return of Randal Morn (26 Eleint historically)
1369 Vheod Runechild embarks on quest to fight Chare'en (demon)
1369 (Year of the Gauntlet): Iyachtu Xvim, the Baneson, rises as a demi-power, throwing the Zhentarim into more religious conflict.
1369 Events in "Pool of Radiance II: Ruins of Myth Drannor"
1370 Drow return to Cormanthyr in large numbers
1370 Manshoon Wars
1371 King Azoun IV of Cormyr slain
1372 Return of City of Shade (Hammer 1)
1372 Bane returns (Midwinter Night)
1372 Tilverton destroyed (Mirtul 27)
1372 Loth falls silent (Eleasias 28) day -60 in "City of the Spider Queen"
1373 Sammaster, King-Killer Star, Dracorage (Hammer 1)
1373 Narlgathra, red dragon, emerges from Myth Drannor and flies south (Tarsakh 5)
1373 Zarlandris (black dragon) attacks Highmoon (Tarsakh 17)
1373 Verthandantalynx (green dragon) rides from Cormanthor and attacks Trenahess (Uktar 13)
1373 End of Dragonrage (Nightal 6)
1374 House Dlardrageth return to Myth Drannor (Tarsaakh 12)
1374 Dlardrageth's destroy Morninglord's temple in Myth Drannor (Mirtul 6)
1374 Crusade marches north toward Mistledale and Shadowdale (Kythorn 1)
1374 House Dlardrageth attacks Hillsfar's army at Standing Stone (Flamerule 3)
1374 House Dlardrgeth destroys Standing Stone
1374 Crusade overruns Myth Drannor (Elessias 22)
1374 Zents establish series of fortications along Moonsea Ride (right through Mistledale) (Elessias 29)
1376 Zents stop trying to take Myth Drannor
1377 Srinshee returns to Myth Drannor
1385 Spellplague

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