The Witchwood

Jorr - Male Human Ranger. A reclusive woodsman who lives in a cabin overlooking the Blackwater -
a large swath of drowned forest and swampland in the middle of the Witchwood. Jorr is accompanied
by a pack of large hunting hounds. Jorr firmly believes that the only good Goblin is a DEAD Goblin.

Old Warklegnaw - Venerable Male Forest Giant. Old Warklegnaw is living out his remaining years in
the ruins of his Clans forest steading that was destroyed almost two centuries ago by Amery Vraath
and his mercenaries. He is aged, sick (he has a scorching case of Red Ache disease), and lost an eye
in the reprisal attack against Vraath Keep. He wants little more than to live his last days among the
ruins of his Clan's ancestral home.

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