The Hunt for the Ghost Hunters

Plot- Poltergeist to the Rave

Black metal band, Abbadon, song and sacrifice, awakens poltergeist. Fake blood was replaced with real duck blood by Rave employee Jose Gomez, Smoke Cult member, Necromancer. The ritual makes a weak girl commit suicide in bathroom, her soul strengthens poltergeist.
William the poltergeist starts dominating the other ghosts at the Rave and gains some power from them.
Jose Gomez finds out about Williams new strength. He tells other members and they work out a way to use Williams new strength. They feed William another soul with a child sacrifice. They buy one of their targeted crack whore babies, Shanna Woods, Dianna Woods daughter.
TAPS does show on Rave, they are sucked into the never-never and are being drained of life and it is strengthening the spirit. It is slowly converting their souls into life for itself. To draw out the death with fear ensures more of the soul is consumed. The producer and a hair stylist are outside when the eight are attacked.
On Video; Grant and Jason open the Pool door and fall into the room as if gravity turned 90 degrees. Tom and Kendal move in to get the shot and falls in as well. A camera that was stationary and down the hall show the event.
Kris, Amy, Paul and E.C. record Paul and EC falling into the floor as if it was water and the girls screaming and trying to help pull them from the floor until ropes fly from the watery floor and grab them all and pull them through the floor. The camera bounced across the room and recorded it all before the tape went to snow.
The police think it is a stunt for ratings. The Rave management, Robert Bird, has no comment. Off the record management thinks it is a stunt, but they want the press. The contract for the show only grants them time for a normal show.

Ghost Hunters Faces

The Eagles Club


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