The Eagles Club

Description and History:

The Eagles Club granite brick building was built in 1926, sponsored by the Eagles Organization, and hosted not only elegant ballroom dances, but also was an athletic club with a gymnasium, bowling alley, boxing ring, and basketball court. There were also a variety of lounges, a barbershop, a radio station, a cafeteria, a pool hall, and a swimming pool.

When the athletic club closed, a men's shelter took up residence for a while in the basement area. Since 1980, The Rave / Eagles Club began to showcase rock bands, taking over the entire building.

Today, the building has evolved to fit the needs of the concert-going public. Now called The Rave / Eagles Club, it is now "home to multiple venues inside one massive entertainment complex," making good use of this grand, multi-floored, sturdy, well-constructed 1926 building, while being careful to restore the outside appearance and the original, elegant ballroom.

The architecture is adorned with stone carvings around the top of the building, and at the round tops and square bottoms of the lovely windows which grace the front of the building. The covered, enclosed seating area on the roof-top, also has the round window tops in its front windows.

The Rave Bar - "Wisconsin's only ALL AGES small showcase venue." Room has terrific acoustics, which make any band sound great, a lovely, wooden horseshoe bar, and pictures on the walls of all the new bands who have played here, making their debut. Such bands as Dave Matthews Band, Third Eye Blind, Smashmouth, Blink 182, Creed, Pearl Jam and Tantric have performed on this stage.

The Rave Vibe Room - Located just off the main lobby, featuring a smaller dance floor in front of the stage, with little 4 seat tables around the perimeter. Beautiful mirrored bar area, and offering a "flourished decor." The best of the best up-coming bands entertain their audiences here.

The Rave Hall - Is a two level concert hall. The main floor is described as being an expansive general admission area, which offers a clear view of the performers on stage from every vantage point. The second floor is a wrap-around, circular balcony, with a protective iron rail where there is a private bar, reserved seating, and a spectacular view of the performing band. John Mayer, Nickel Creek and Nelly Furtado to Default, Sevendust, POD and Mudvayne are some of the bands which have given concerts here.

The Eagles Hall - In the basement of the building, one finds this one-level Miami-style underground concert hall offering unique hardwood floor area, spectacular lighting system AND terrific acoustics. Seating is available around the hard wood floor area. Hard rock and improvisational indie musicians such as Everlast, Government Mule, the Disco Biscuits, Third Eye Blind, Nickelback, Warren Zevon, Galactic, Peter Murphy, Deep Dish, Sandra Collins, and 3 Doors Down have played to fans in this hall.

The Eagles Ballroom - The biggest most spacious & elegant room, which is illuminated with lights, features an elegant 25,000 square foot dance floor in front of the large stage, with elegant domed ceiling carved Eagle sculptures and intricate trim on the pillars. Two levels of covered seating are located around the dance floor. This room hosts national artists, such as Bob Dylan, Marilyn Manson, No Doubt, Alice Cooper, the Deftones, Coldplay, Green Day, Robert Plant, Ani DiFranco, the Offspring, Korn, Staind, the Smashing Pumpkins, Jeff Beck, Lenny Kravitz, and Matchbox Twenty.

History of Manifestations:

Last gig of Buddy Holly took place in The Eagles Ballroom in 1959, right before he was killed in a plane crash on February 3, 1959, with Richie Valens and the Big Bopper.

A mean, abusive director of the men's shelter used to bully the men who stayed there.

Pools and kids together can result in tragedy if children aren't watched carefully.
A 17 year old young man died in the pool after suffering a heart attack.

The pool room in the basement area; (which is said to be kept locked at all times) and The Eagles Ballroom are the most haunted rooms in the building, though paranormal activity has been reported all over the building, usually when few people are in the building.

Cold spots as well as negative energy are felt by the living in many parts of the building, especially around closing time.
The entity of the vile shelter manager is thought to be the source of the negative energy and some of the icy cold spots.
People hear voices coming from places where no one living is there. Happy sounds of children playing or the distressful noise of children crying unhappily are heard as well.
An entity of a little girl roams around the old hallways behind the coat-check area in the basement. Her laughter is heard. Her presence sometimes gives the living a brief sense of dread.
Staff who were cleaning up after closing hours have seen entities of children playing in a group.

Many people here have witnessed "paranormal activity."
Shuffled foot steps, a strong odor of bleach, and objects have been thrown off the roof area, when no one living was in this area have been reported.

Distinct presences are felt and seen by the living in various parts of this building.

Shadow people have been spotted in the basement area.
In various rooms of the club, bands have heard a presence or seen an entity watching them play in various rooms of the club, probably during rehearsal, or when not many people are around.

Still Haunted?
Yes, it seems to be, if you believe the many eye-witness accounts. Some think that the entity who enjoys watching bands perform could be the entity of Buddy Holly.

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