The Clock Is Ticking Timeline Slowing The Hordes Advance

Day 1:
Marauder Attack!!! - The Knights of Daggerdale are ambushed outside Drellins Ferry by Hobgoblins
The Knights of Daggerdale arrive in Drellins Ferry.
Norro Wiston contacts the Knights of Daggerdale and asks them to investigate the Hobgoblin marauders
attacking travelers on the roads outside of Drellins Ferry.

Day 2:
Into the Witchwood: The Knights of Daggerdale make final preparations for their excursion into the Witchwood
to explore the ruins of Vraath Keep. Then leave for Jorr's cabin in the Witchwood on their way to Vraath Keep.
The Knights of Daggerdale reach the ruins of Vraath keep before dusk, scout it out and find numerous creatures
lairing within.

Day 3:
After observing the ruins of Vraath keep for approximately 18 hours (where 2 groups of hobgoblins and other
creatures come to the keep at night, spend some time there and then leave again for the wilds of the Witchwood),
various plans of different ways to assault the keep are discussed in an effort to catch the inhabitants of the Keep unawares
and block any of them from escaping an attack.

Day 4:
The Assault on Vraath Keep. After finalizing the framework of an ambush assault on the Hobgolins and other creatures
lairing in Vraath Keep the Knights of Daggerdale stage an early morning assault on the Keep. The majority of the
denizens of Vraath keep were killed in a swift, decisive assault on the Keep…but their Bugbear Sorcerer Leader (Wyrmlord
Koth) and a Goblins Worg rider and it's Worg mount are captured alive.

Day 5: The Knights of Daggerdale travel to Skull Gorge Bridge. Stopping at ruined Forest Giant Encampment along the way.

Day 6: The Knights of Daggerdale return to Vraath Keep.

Day 7: The Knights of Daggerdale return to Drellins Ferry. Lion Guard from Brindol arrives in Drellins Ferry and brings news
of road blockade leading north past the Witchwood. Ozyrrandion and other flying monsters attack Drellins Ferry that night.

Day 8 - Day 9: Drellins Ferry prepares for evacuation.

Day 10: Drellins Ferry Evacuates…wagon train east. Krunk and Mathilda accompany Drellins Ferry refugees.

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