Assault on Vrath Keep - A Well Executed Ambush


Mundane Weapons, Armor & Equipment:
4 Medium Suits of Banded Mail
4 Medium Heavy Steel Shields
80 Medium Arrows
3 Small Buckler Shields
60 Small Arrows

Masterwork Weapons, Armor & Equipment:
Masterwork Morningstar
4 Masterwork Longswords
4 Masterwork Composite Longbows (up to a +2 Str bonus to damage)
3 Small Masterwork Scimitars
3 Small Masterwork Composite Sortbows

Magical Weapons, Armor & Equipment:
A Magical Dwarven War Axe - Amery Vraath's Personal Weapon
A Pair of Magical Gauntlets - Gauntlets of Ogre Power +2 Strength
A Magical Mithral Chain Shirt - Mithral Chain Shirt +1
A Magical Staff (Carved to resemble braided Oak and Holly boughs wrapped around a unicorn horn) Staff of Life - 12 Charges
A Huge Magical Spiked Gauntlet (Given to Warklegnaw)
A Magical Wand - Koth's Wand of Magic Missiles - 5th Level 15 Charges
17 Potions
-6 Potions Cure Light Wounds
-6 Potions Cure Moderate Wounds
-1 Potion Fly
-2 Potions Invisibility
-1 Potion Bulls Strength
-1 Potion Bears Endurance

3 Small Suits of Magical Studded Leather Armor - Small +1 Studded Leather Armor
A Magical Bag - Bag of Holding (Type I)
A Scroll with a 1st Level Arcane Spell on it - Mount

Coins, Gems, Jewelry, and Other Items:
128 Platinum Pieces
3,410 Gold Pieces
5,480 Silver Pieces
A Gold Necklace worth Approximately 250 Gold Pieces
A Silk Cloak embroidered with Gold and Silver Threads (It's Filthy - Once Properly Cleaned its worth Approximately 250 Gold Pieces)
3 Expired Letters of Credit
The Deed to Vraath Keep
Historical information regarding Vraath Keep, the Vraath Family and the Twistusk Forest Giants
Amery Vraath's personal journal entries
Wyrmlord Koth's Map of the Great Dale (with Horde Battle Plans - Timeline)
Captured documents written in a coded language (Infernal) - have not yet been deciphered and the information on them has not been discovered yet
A young Black Dragon Skull
2 Dozen Forest Giant Teeth on a Cord - Discarded / Destroyed

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