Software For Online Gaming

The premise of this information is to find solutions to gaming when players are not in the same room.
Currently Skype can be used for voice conferencing only.
ooVoo can be used for 3 web cams and voice conferencing.

Windows has their IM chat with video but it requires vista or win7 an all systems.
Yahoo also has video chat.

Fantasy Grounds II is chat and game management software built for online gaming for multiple game systems. I have 4 licensees for this system.

  • This is the most detailed in ability to run a game
  • Highest learning curve
  • Most prep work required

Map Tool is a java program we downloaded and installed. It has map and token abilities with some character management and encounter resources. It also has a few drawing tools.

  • Easiest to learn
  • Limited but useable tools
  • Least amount of prep work, but some required

D20 Pro may also work for the online game and management AND it has video chat for all. Price is unknown as it is in beta. This is similar to Map Tools.

Anymeeting can work for the map display and sharing of the applications running on a PC. It is free to use.

Webex web conferencing and video as well but costs $49 a month.

Google Plus - This is Google's answer to Facebook. But it has multi-webcam conferencing for free. Zowie and Curtis have been invited to it so we can check it out.

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