Shar Kai

Rebelled Enemy of Shades
Live on Shadow plane Crystal City
Arched narrow bridges connect islands made mostly out of crystal

Use a series of portals to other planes to capture slaves
Wear black armor, white skin, long white hair (typically)
eyes - weird - look elvish

Gal-galan's - daggers on chain-belt that they use, made of crystal
Use a reddish paste that paralyzes, milky pink is antidote

Use colored crystals as currency and as keys to their portal system

Demani - female priestess that only Blizkrieg and Cobb met.

Drebon - one of the two Shar-kai captured in Missledale. Guided ground to castle and then ran away.

Gama Theda - name of the Outpost that Drebon is from, and the slaughter happened.
Omega Gama - name of overall gate island they used to get to Missledale.

Ruled by someone called the Empress.

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