Shadow Shield

The spell cannot be learned by party (3rd addition equivalent?)

4th-level Wizard Spell (Alteration)

Range: Touch Casting Time: 4
Components: V, S, M Area of Effect: One creature
Duration: Special Saving Throw: Neg.

This spell enables a wizard to make a crature more likely to survive an attack by imbuing the creature with a phantom shadow of itself.
This phantom possesses half of the creature's normal hit points. When attacked, there is a 60% chance that the phantom absorbs all of the damage. The shadowshield is ineffective against psionic or magical attacks that affect the mind.
The phantom makes saving throws just as the affected creature. If it is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points, the shadowshield is dispelled and cannot be cast again until one day per each hit point of damage taken has passed. In addition, creatures that attempt to use this spell more than three times per year must make a Constitution check. Failure indicates the permanent loss of one point of Constitution.
The material component of this spell is the creature's shadow, which must be present to cast the spell.

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