Ritual In Orban S Grove

Where Orben's tree once was just east of Unda's grove, a large hole remains as if a large tree was ripped up out of the ground. There was evidence that the tree was dragged off deeper into the forest, but you eventually lost the trail. The area can only be approached by a druid, all others mysterious get lost.

The forest is corrupt. Silvanus's ceremony of purification has to be performed to uncorrupt the forest. The ritual stone kept in the turtle cave must be brought out into the open and the ceremony performed at either Sundown or in direct moonlight, a full moon being best, otherwise, the ceremony will take longer and be more difficult.

You need elements of Spirit, Fire, Water, and Wood for the ceremony. You believe a druid can be used for Spirit, One of the corrupted spirits for fire, Unda the river fairy for water, and Essma for Wood. Though other combinations are possible and would bring different results.

Ceremony needs to be performed by a circle of at least 5, the more the better:

The Ceremony:

Once alter/pryre is build:

Under the moon the ritual ends
As the sun is setting, the moonlight about to hit this glade
The silence is everywhere around
The birds don't sing their songs of joy
Not even the wind whispers here anymore
Trace of emptiness is left behind
The druids have all disappeared
And so has their altar of sacred stone

Fire is lit on stone:

All that dies shall be reborn.
Spirit, Fire, Water, and Wood,
All that falls shall rise again.

Magic happens:

Burn bright, flame within me,
Kindled of eternal fire.
Of the people I do be,
And the people part of me.
All one in many parts,
A single fire of flaming hearts!

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