Rich: Jinn N'Lax, Bounty Hunter

My family was on Alderaan when the Death Star obliterated it. What else do you need to know. Yea I am bitter, but now you know my motivations.

Jinn picked up the bounty on the a possible Jedi. It turned out to a nut who thought he was one. The man draws the wrong kind of attention to himself sometimes, but that is the kind of attention Jinn likes to put down.
Jinn and Faux-Jedi are looking to join the rebellion together.

Contact: Otis Heisser; Bounty Bondsman. Otis and Jinn are good friends because Jinn saved Otis's life when a gang got mad at Otis for posting a bounty on one of their men. They had the office surrounded when Jinn took them all out with a barrage of blaster fire from a high rooftop. Otis now keeps Jinn informed about any significant bounties.

Contact: Dana Noir; Weapons Expert. The relationship here is flirtatious and professional. She can sell Jinn the tools he needs to do his job.

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