Rex Lynxessive Tramp Freighter Captain Smuggler Rich L

Rex was just a deckhand on a trading ship in the outer rim when he was just a cub. He got some experience flying the ship and decided he would some day be Freighter Captain.
One day the ship had to make an “emergency” landing far from the star port and the “canned goods” were unloaded to remove weight and make repairs.
It was actually a gun drop to a rebel gun buyer. Other such deals were made to other organizations.
One drop went bad when Stormtroopers interrupted the deal and a bloodbath of blaster fire obliterated everyone but Zoja and Rex. The ships were on fire, the munitions were blown to shreds, but they escaped death when during an explosion the floor gave out and they fell into a sub-basement. They made it to the star port and grabbed the first ship off world.
Zoja was the assistant to the gun dealer they worked with. She moved up the ranks and Rex does business when he can get a buyer.

(Contact: Gun Dealer: Zoja)

Rex’s Journal
I have a lead on a Rebel recruiter that I think I can turn into a buyer for Zoja’s guns. I can make 20k on the deal if I can get my own ship. I got a loan from Coba the Hut. We had done some deals in the past and I know I could sell him some guns in the future too.

Rex’s Ship
The YT 2400 was a repo vessel Rex picked up from one of Coba’s debt collectors. It is being refurbished at a hidden asteroid ship yard his friend Raegge runs. Many previous stops were at his yard that is known a G7. Rex sometimes tests pilots Raegge’s ship modifications.

(Contact: Ship Yard: Raegge )

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