Return To Drellins Ferry Through 4 16 2014

Magical Stuff:

Specific Magic Items.

Vraath Family Staff of Life (12 Charges - See Entry Description)

Amery Vraath's Dwarven Waraxe (See Entry Description)

General Magic Items.

Wand of Magic Missile (Level 5, 15 charges)

Small Bag of Holding (Type I)

6 Potions – Cure Light Wounds (add 8 more potion of Cure Light Wounds - 14 Total)

10 Potions – Cure Moderate Wounds (add 6 more potions of Cure Moderate Wounds - 16 total)

2 Elixirs of Truth

1 Potion of Fly

Scroll: Mount

Scroll: Summon Monster IV (Divine)

Scroll: Summon Monster IV (Arcane)

Scroll: Fly (Arcane)

Scroll: Haste (Arcane)

Scroll: Spiritual Weapon (Divine)

Scroll: Flame Strike (Divine)

Scroll: Insect Plague (Divine)

Amulet of Health +2

Bracers of Armor +4

Wand of Cure Light Wounds - 35 Charges

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