Red Hand Of Doom Timeline

Day 1:
Marauder Attack!
The Knights of Daggerdale arrive in Drellins Ferry

Day 2: Into The Witchwood
The Knights of Daggerdale take the Witchcross Trail into the The Witchwood, enlisting the aid of Jorr
at his cabin, and continuing on to the Ruins of Vraath Keep. They have an encounter with "Bertha" (a
surly acid-Hydra) lurking at the Causeway Crossing on the Dawn Way.

Day 3: Scouting Vraath Keep
The Knights of Daggerdale observe Vraath Keep for nearly a full day…witnessing 2 bands of Hobgoblins
briefly entered the Keep and then head back out into the Witchwood during the night.

Day 4: The Assault on Vraath Keep
A swift assault on Vraath Keep leaves the majority of the denizens of Vraath Keep dead. A single Goblin
Worg Rider, his Worg mount and the leader Bugbear Sorcerer Wyrmlord Koth are captured by the Knights
of Daggerdale.

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