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The Story so Far…(10/16/2013)

The Knights of Daggerdale were hired to investigate the ruins of a local keep by Sertieren The Wise to
aid him in his historical research. During the time Sertieren's letter/request was traveling to The Knights
of Daggerdale numerous organized bands of Hobgoblins from the Witchwood began attacking travelers
along the roads outside of Drellins Ferry.

After careful consideration and thorough investigation as to the legitimacy of the invitation letter, illusion scroll,
and teleportation scrolls, the Knigts of Daggerdale teleported to the Great Dale to the general vicinity of Drellins Ferry.
Unfortunately, they arrived somewhat off target (approximately 25 miles outside of Drellins Ferry) and Krunk and
Mathilda have been separated from the group and could not be found in the immediate vicinity of the other members
of the Knights of Daggerdale.

"I sure hope the Big Guy and Matti are safe." - Glimkin

The Knights of Daggerdale began their trek across the rolling plains of the Great Dale towards Drellins Ferry and are
ambushed/set upon by a group of Hobgoblins lurking in the woods and underbrush along the Dawn Way road outside
of Drellins Ferry.

By the time the Knights of Daggerdale reach Drellins Ferry the militia has been mustered in the town, the residents
of Drellins Ferry are anxious and the reports of Hobgoblin attacks have increased. Drellins Ferry is in need of a band
of stalwart Heros to investigate the increased Hobgoblin activity in the Witchwood, and drive them off or defend
Drellins Ferry if necessary.

Marauder Attack!!! (10/30/2013)
An organized, very well equipped group of Hobgoblins attack the Knights of Daggerdale along the road a few miles outside
of Drellin's Ferry. Why are the Hobgoblins attacking travelers? How many are there? Where did they get all of their
exceptional equipment, weapons and armor? What does the symbol on their armor and clothing mean (it is a red, five-
fingered outstretched hand).
The Knights of Daggerdale were able to defeat the Hobgoblin Marauders, and capture some of them alive, but many questions
are currently left unanswered unless some useful information can be gotten from questioning the various hobgoblins that
were captured alive.

Drellins Ferry (11/13/2013)
Interrogation of the Hobgoblins yields a few useful pieces of information about the Hobgoblins: They are being led by someone they
refer to as Warlord (or Wyrmlord) Koth, they refer to themselves as "The Red Hand", and the "Khulkor Zhul" (which means "People
of the dragon" in Goblin), and the Captured Priest carried a Holy Symbol dedicated to The Goddess Tiamat, Goddess of Evil, Chromatic
The Knights of Daggerdale arrive in Drellins Ferry, where they are greeted on the road outside of town by armed guards and
militia defending the road into town. The Hobgoblin prisoners were taken to the City jail/prison. The cart full of vegetables is
delivered into the care of the inhabitants of Drellins Ferry. Approximately half of the goods on the merchant's wagon was bound
for a particular merchant in town, the goods are delivered and the merchant agreed to forward payment along to the trading
company for the goods. The horses were taken to a stable on the east side of the river. The bodies of the Hobgoblins victims
were delivered to Brother Derny at the Temple of Lathader, wherethe Knights of Daggerdale find Mathilda recovering from the
injuries suffered during the teleportation to the Great Dale. Krunk and Buttercup are out on the road looking for the other
Knights of Daggerdale…and Krunk left word with Brother Derny to tell theremainder of his companions that he is alive and well.
The Knights of Daggerdale met with Sertieren the Wise and discussed in greater detail Vraath keep, the items they are looking
for and Sertieren's interest in the site and the Vraath family. Since Sertieren sent the proposal to the Knights of Daggerdale
the city has been all but cut off from the outside world by large bands of organized Hobgoblins using magic and leading foul
creatures attacking travelers on the main roads outside of Drellins Ferry. Drellins Ferry is in dire straights, and the Knights
of Daggerdale appear to be the only people in town skilled enough to combat the Hobgoblin bands. Currently it is believed that
the Hobgoblins number at least 40-60 (as 3 separate bands have been seen at once outside of town) and that they have taken
up residence in the ruins of Vraath Keep in the Witchwood forest to the north of Drellins Ferry. The Town Council offer the
Knights of Daggerdale a monetary reward and a small batch of minor magic items to aid them in defeating/killing/driving off the
organized Hobgoblin bands attacking travelers on the roads outside of town. It is recommended to them by two separate people
that they contact Jorr (a reclusive woodsman who lives in the Witchwood) to act as a guide since he is very familiar with the Witchwood
and has no love of Goblins and Hobgoblins.

Into the Witchwood (11-27-2013)
Krunk, Mathilda, and Veit offered to stay in Drellins Ferry, bolster the guard and militia and assist in the construction of some simple
defensible fortifications at strategic locations in and around town. The remainder of the Knights of Daggerdale take the Witchtrail
into the Witchwood looking for Jorr's cabin. After a few hours of travel, a cabin is found in a clearing on the Blackwater…a small
pack of hunting hounds approach the Knights of Daggerdale barking and growling…they are quickly calmed by Gwen and shortly
thereafter Jorr asks the character what they want from his porch. They mention Drellins Ferry, the hobgoblin problem and Vraath Keep.
Jorr and the PC's negotiate the terms of Jorr's assistance. Jorr packs up some gear, and the group heads to the Dawn Way Road and north
into the Witchwood. At the causeway where the road crosses the Blackwater a large multi-headed acid hydra attacks the Knights of Daggerdale
from the cover of the river. After a brief running battle across the causeway the characters quickly outdistance the hydra (whom Jorr
has nicknamed "Bertha"). Before dusk, the Knights of Daggerdale arrive at the ruins of Vraath Keep and set up an observation post
approximately 100 yards away in a thick grove of small trees and underbrush. From this distance that ruined Keep does not appear to
be carefully guarded or heavily occupied. The characters ask Jorr where they can set up the Leomunds Secure Shelter for the night
in a location that is off the beaten path/trails and prepare to begin their scouting/reconnaissance of Vraath Keep.

Scouting Vraath Keep (12-11-2013)
The Knights of Daggerdale begin discussing plans of how to assault the Keep, scout out numerous creatures lairing within the Keep
(finding a Manticore, several Hobgoblins, and a few Worgs). Observing he Keep for about 18 hours allows the PC's to see 2 bands of
Hobgoblins enter the Keep from the forest, spend some time there, and leave again for the forest. Both groups of Hobgoblins stop at
the Keep during the night, and the Keep is rather quiet during the day.

The Assault on Vraath Keep - A Well Executed Ambush (1-8-2014)
A swift, decisive assault was expertly executed by the Knights of Daggerdale on Vraath Keep. The majority of the denizens lairing in Vraath
Keep are killed, with the exception of the Bugbear Sorcerer leader (Wyrmlord Koth) and a single Goblin Worg Rider and his Worg mount.

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