Patrin was born on Laerakond in the dragonborn kingdom of Relmaur. He is the only hatchling to his parents, in the Aurochalcinus clan. The Brass dragon clan is one of the weaker clans, but they have ambitions of gaining strength. To this end, the rite of passage into adulthood is to travel to Faerun and adventure their for a decade. The fortune you bring home will establish your place in the clan hierarchy, and it reflects on your parents. Those that only manage a meager hoard in that time have been known to stay in Faerun rather return home and face that shame. Those that overstay the deadline are presumed dead, and are certainly dead to the clan. To return late is extraordinarily rare, and is best accompanied by a huge stash and a better story if their is any hope of being welcomed back.

Though Brass dragons tend to be loquacious, Patrin is a laconic exception. He is an imposing presence with a forcful personality. He is a capable negotiator but prefers to set things on fire and take their stuff.

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