Orc Treasure


Magic must be identified

Morning Star (Masterwork)
Greatsword (Masterwork)
+1 Battle Axe Brash (+3 rds of Rage, Immune to fear)
+1 Dwarven Dagger of Eagerness (draws as free action, +2 init, +2 dam on surprise rd + 1st rd of combat) -Viet
+1 Light Crossbow of Magebane (bonus is +3 verses arcane spellcasters +2d6 dam) - Cobb
+4 Armbands of Might (Steel inscribed with bears) - (+4 on Str based skill checks) - Krunk
Shackles of Silence (Silence spell, DC 28 Escape Artist or DC 28 str) if freed silence ends and audible alarm for 1 round)
Boots of Winterland - snow (normal speed), no tracks on snow, warm in cold conditions - Gwen
Dwarven Skull Belt = +4 Constitution - Viet
4 vials of acid
4 vials of antitoxin
4 green Emeralds (1,000gps each)
4 violet garnets (500gps each)
4 black pearls (500gps each)
String of small pink pearls (3,500gps)
4 blindfolds
4 small bags of wax

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