Moonshae Isles Campaign


aaronsdwarf.png Adain, son of Baden, son of Oakdain, a dwarf cleric who just completed a new temple to the Earth Mother is well known in town. He has been called, “Dawnbreaker” by his mentor, Father Fellek Ironhand. The temple is in response to the temple of Tyr that was built a few years earlier. The Druids are a little secluded at times and a more public face for the Earth Mother was thought to be a good idea.

tyr.png Furos Vindictam is a vassal to the temple of Torm. Father Maximums Unam leads the services and runs the temple of Torm. He is known in town as good and fair man if not the most eligible bachelor in town. However his devotion to Torm and not the Earth Mother limits his choices among the long time residence. It is known that his family was killed and he nearly died with them. He has the mental and physical scars to remind him. His family farm is now owned by his uncle and is many miles to the west.

Lezard_Valeth2.jpg Uziel Nightshade 3rd washed up on shore with a bad head wound a few years back. He was taken in and healed at the temple of Tyr. However he does not remember his past. He had some money and identification on him and has found work with the local alchemist, Dell Rantzbittle a local gnome.

omega Omega has been in town for a short time with his troupe and has found residence and work at the local inn, “ the Sleeping Gull”. They live in a room in the attic and play music and tells stories and entertains the patrons.










Day 1 Where is the Cheese? Days of Adventure. The Cursed Coal.



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