Mithril Mine Shopping List

This is a list of what was traded and purchased from the Dwarves after the final battle in the mines with the Drow.

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Items Traded

  • 2 +1 Rapiers
  • 1 +1 Platemail
  • 1 +1 Double weapon Axe & Crossbow
  • Gems, Gold, Silver & Platinum

Items Gained

Krunk's Items

Mithril Chainmail Large. 4500 GP
+1 Greatsword enchanted. 1000 GP
Large Mighty Composite Longbow. 1200 GP

Blitz'z Items

Platemail. 2150 GP

Cobb's Items

Dragon Skin Spell, 1/day added to mage armor vest. 4050 GP

Glimkin's Items (3,600 gps)

+1 Mithril Shirt, Small (change from chain mail) - 1,600 gps (1,100 armor + 500 enchantment)
+1 Enchantment to staff, both ends 2,000 GP

Rose's Items

Staff enchanted +1. 1000 GP
Shield Spell Bracers 2/Day. 1800 gp

Viet's Items

Masterwork Dwarven Waraxe, enchanted by Cobb to +1 Magic Dwarven Waraxe. 1400 GP
Sheild Spell enchanted by Cobb on Wolf teeth necklace, 2/day, 5 minute duration. 1800 GP
Back Ordered - Mithril Chainmail.

Arimith's Items

Mithril Buckler of Shield Spell 2/Day. 2800 GP
Vest of Natural Armor. 1000 GP
16 Scrolls, various spells, 450 GP

Avium's Items

Buckler of Shield Spell 3/day. 2700 GP

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