Loot From Drow

This list contains loot from the Drow and gifts form the Dwarves

Rapier +1

  • Cure Light Wounds
  • Cure Moderate Wounds

Anatomy Book (100 GP)
Wand of Magic Missiles (44 Charges)-Cobb
Drow Hand Crossbow -Cobb
Drow Wizard Spell Book
Cantrip: Stick,
1st – cloak of dark power, disguise self (2), expeditious retreat, grease, ironguts, Vhaeraun's nightshield; cause fear , color spray, elf disguise, identify, launch item , low-light vision , magic missile, magic weapon, ray of enfeeblement, sleep, shield, Hail of Stone;
2nd — cat's grace, clairvoyance / clairaudience, false life, invisibility , spider climb; minor image , rope trick, flaming sphere, mirror image, scorching ray, Node Lock, Locate Node, Blind Sight, Burrow;
3rd — analyze portal, fly, slow, soul charge, suggestion, Spiderskin, Tremorsense.

Drow Book on Earth Nodes
Drow Book of Potion Brewing
Drow Prayer Book to Lolth
Goblin Drow Language Translations
Book on Building a Teleportation Circle
Temple of Til’Asperna


Blitz and Viet; Mithril Battle Tankards +1 1d6 Bludg
Avium; Leather Armor made form a Cloaker. MW +1 Hide Skill +5 AC 3
Cobb; Scroll Earth Ladder (force ladder) L2, Earth Lock L2, Earthen Grasp L2, EarthBind L2, Earthen Grace L3
Glimkin; Mithril Staff +1 MW Staff
Arimith; Mithril Arrows +1 Keen (10)
Krunk; Mithril Large Metal Shield (Size M)

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