Krunks Wayside

A small grouping of buildings located along the main trade road north of Daggerfalls between Daggerfalls
and Zhentil Keep.

The buildings consist of:

- A small Inn and Tavern

- A stable

- A small Temple/Shrine Dedicated to Tyr (and the Triad)

- A few small houses (Cottages really - similar in size to Leomunds Secure Shelter)

- A centrally located well in small open space

- A cottage that is technically Krunk's, but often used by Brunhelga (Female Half-Orc Cleric of Tyr and
generally recognized leader of the Wayside) while Krunk is away.

- The Wayside is expanding as Randall Morn and the Knights of Daggerdale have recently
defeated a large Zhentarim military force outside of Daggerfalls and Daggerdale is becoming
a slightly less Zhent-influenced area. The inhabitants of Daggerfalls (and Daggerdale at large)
have become accustomed to the added protection and stability that the newly appointed
"Knights of Daggerdale" have brought to the area.

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