Krunk is the child of an adolescent ogre and an un-willing farm girl. Krunk's mother died during child-birth and he was raised by the local clergy and paladins of the triad. Krunk grew up a bit of a loner due to his immense size. He spent many days amusing himself throwing rocks or tending to the horses and other animals under the care of the local house of the triad. Krunk enjoys the company of anyone un-intimidated by his size who is willing to converse with him. He is an active member of the town militia, affectionately known as the "Brute Squad" by other militia members. Krunk holds the tenants of Tyr very close to his heart. He aspires to become a paladin of Tyr if "the just God" deems him worthy through his actions. When not actively patrolling the city he can be found aiding townsfolk with his considerable brawn. At the temple of Tyr or hanging around the "Riders" barracks or at the stables. Defending the city and maintaining law and justice are Krunk's main concerns when he is not studying Tyr's history on Toril.


  • High Priest Nerval Watchwill - Temple of Tyr
  • Holfast Harpenshield - Whitehart
  • Kaulvaeras Grymantle - stables
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