A note about this journal's origins:
Entries are generally from the perspective of Glimkin, though he does not write anything down. The collective work possibly was put together by Aust, Aramith's father who keep occasional tabs on the group with some assistance from Harfur Glumtoes, a gnome historian of Ashabenford, who took an interest in the group after meeting them early in their career by collecting stories of the group from witnesses and other sources. Whether the biography is authorized or un-authorized by the group is unknown.

1325, Eleasis 1 (changed from Flamerule 16, check this)

Glimkin Born, day of Full Moon, Celebration of "The Offering of Trinkets" to Baervan Wildwanderer


Early adventure with Glimkin and Weaver as Elves leave. First meeting with Aramith during this time.


Story of how Glimkin deals with dragon attacks. Mostly by hiding or helping others hide.

1358, Feast of the Moon

Story of how Gilmkin deals with one of the bloodiest battles in history in Battledale. 7,000 Sembian mercenaries led of Zhentarim officers verses 100 Riders of Mistledale, Harpers, and Knights of Myth Drannor on the banks of Swords Creek. Defenders of Mistledale prevailed, thanks to Baergil, priest of Tempus who gave his life to create a ring of skulls that hurled death all round. His sacrifice promted an appearance by Tempus himself.

1369, Chez 16 [Start of campaign]

Glimkin finds signs of sickly animals and Kobalds moving through the area south west of Ashabenford and sends message to Krunk asking for help.

1369, Chez 17

Glimkin arrives at Hawk's Shadow Inn to go hunting with friend Goven Wess.

1369, Chez 18

Cobb, Aramith, Gwendolyn, Blitzkrieg, and Krunk leave for Hawk's Shadow Inn based on Glimkin's note.
Glimkin and Goven spend day hunting.

1369, Chez 19 - Spring Equinox

5:00PM: Goven sneaks off to meet with Essma the Treant
7:00PM: Glimkin tries to find the whereabouts of Goven
9:00PM: Day 1 of "Cutting the Mustard"
10:00PM: Contest Begins

1369, Chez 20

Day 2 of "Cutting the Mustard"
7:00AM: PCs wake up and discover they are the one ones there
8:00AM: Kobald attack
11:00PM: Meet up with Glimkin
14:00PM: Attack Enclave
15:00PM: Rescue people and return to Inn: guards missing
Enclave Books Enclave Chest
Gwendolyn spends night in Esma's Grove

1369, Chez 21

Get up go to Esma's Grove
Start of "Freeing Natures Elements"

Returned to investigate Enclave's Cave
Jump over river
Speak to Azzalia and find out they can be freed, but Stix may resist.

Traveled down the dry riverbed to Goblin Lair
Fight goblins
Negotiate with Chief for Freeing of Unda the river fairy

1369, Chez 22

Travelled back to Ashabenford leaving Gwendolyn to figure out ceremony details (needs 3 days)
Guarded caravan of merchant

1369, Chez 23

Blitzkrieg travels to Glen
Krunk returns to temple, where he gets involved with something that takes him away from the group
Spend day in Ashabenford by rest of group
Met with Glumtoes are were told about how books were stolden

1369, Chez 24

Spend day in Ashabenford
Treasure divided up
Aramith commissions bow to be made

1369, Chez 25

Travels back towards Inn to meet up with Gwendolyn (Glimkin, Cobb, Aramith, Blitzkrieg)
Start of "A Gate Too Far"
See a flash of lightning in the distance and investigate and found Numash who led us to evidence that Gwendolyn was abducted
Find a clearing in a thicket with 2 guys that ambushed us, which we were able to capture

They showed group how to use colored crystals to open a portal to their world.
We learned that the two men were shar kai
We had Drebon carry his unconscious comrade and lead us through the Shadow Plane to Gama Theda.

He led us over 3 arching bridges till we eventually got to wrought iron gate of Gama Theda, which was a modest sized walled fortress and town. It looked like the town was deserted for the most part. Bodies lie strewn about, some bloated and some newly dead. We assumed some kind of battle took place here.

We were able to climb over the wall and find a prison where Gwedelin was with a captured deer, kobald, goblin, and elf.

Drebon continued to lead us towards the library in town. We past areas that looked like market. We found more bodies and it appeared that most of the town's valuables were pillaged. Drebon ran away from us due to fear shortly before getting to the library.

The valuables in town were piled up in the center of the library and we were attacked by a crazed Shar-kai. Aramith killed him with his bow. He also had a gold and gem encrusted dagger that was the most beautiful thing ever seen. It was actually a powerful artifact that was able to control minds over a vast area. It convinced Glimkin that he wanted it, and once grasped that all around him wanted to kill them. So eventually Glimkin, Aramith, and Gwendeln were fighting over the weapon into the streets. Cobb put them to sleep and once everyone woke left. Cobb and Blitzkreig negotiated for our escape with Demoni, stole information on the gate system, and destroyed the dagger.

Spent the night at the Hawk's Shadow Inn

1369, Chez 26

Spent day resting at Hawk's Shadow Inn

1369, Chez 27

Started returning to return to finish the ceremony (were we going back to Ashabenford?)
We found a skeletal badger in the woods and Aramith and I shot it.
We were able to track it to a large whole in the ground right on the entrance roadway that leads to a farm.
We decided to return to Ashabenford to buy more rope, so we had enough to reach the bottom.

1369, Chez 28

Met Viet for the first time, who was friends with Blizkrieg. A traveling priest of Lathander called Faren Breacher also joined us.

1369, Chez 29

Headed back to hole in ground and investigated. It turns out the whole was inhabited by a Nevil who accidently fell into the hole with his parents along time ago. He seemed to have been greatly influenced by Shar, goddess of darkness. His parents were dead, and Nevil was at least partly insane, crafting golems in the shape of skeletal forms to do his bidding. We explored the earie labratory, defeated the guardian's, and captured Nevil before he was able to call on the power of his dark goddess.

1369, Chez 30 (Full Moon)

Left hole in ground (with Nevil)
Headed back to Ashabenford

Gwedelyn meditates under light of Full Moon
Viet, Cobb, Aramith spend night in Ashabenford
Glimkin, heads for Hawk's Shadow Inn under cover of darkness

1369, Tarsakh 1

Gwendelyn leaves for Essma's grove and arrives in evening.

Cobb and Aramith spends time with Master (Aramith's father) performing manual labor
Viet goes shopping
Glimkin hunting/scouting area around Turtle Cave.

1369, Tarsakh 2

Cobb and Aramith spend time identifying and making magic items
Viet spends time with prostitutes around town.
Glimkin hunting/scouting area around Turtle Cave.

1369, Tarsakh 3

Cobb, Aramith, and Viet leave for Hawk's Shadow Inn and arrive mid afternoon
Meet up with Mouse and Gwendelyn in Essma's grove

Group attacks Nightshades at Turtle Cave at nightfall.

Ceremony performed to cancel Talona's curse.

Nightshade's Equipment

1369, Tarsakh 4

Travel back to Ashabenford

1369, Tarsakh 5

Spent day in Ashabenford
Glimkin spends time with family/friends

1369, Tarsakh 6

Spent day in Ashabenford
Glimkin spends time with family/friends

1369, Tarsakh 7

Left north west to track down great Wizo after Glimkin stole book

Dealt with vampire moss
Battle with crocodiles

Battle at great Wizo's camp, lizard man and orcs kill Wizo and party escapes

2 Books found at the Great Wizo's camp (in addition to original book)

1) Hardbound book with the Symbol of an Hourglass on the Cover (appears dwarven in make)
Has story of the Mines of Tethyamar.
Information on the bottom of p134-135 in Lost Empires of Faerun sourcebook.

2) Ballad of the Fall of Myth Drannor
written by Vesstan of Semberholme, Aunglor Clan Elder
Information on what's in the ballad can be found on p41 of

3) Book where pages are in Ethereal plane:
Symbol of a griffin armed and salient on a green field; chestnut-brown, charcoal, and kellygreen

1369, Tarsakh 8

Build raft and floated down river to get to the south road
Arrived back in town early morning

Spent day resting and in town

1369, Tarsakh 9 (Dec 1, 2010 real time)

Recruited to escort Nevil (son of powerful merchant) to sanitarium
Aunt Helen - concerned afraid of mental health
Wagon would arrive in 2 days.

1369, Tarsakh 10

We spent the day in Ashabenford while waiting for the wagon to pick up Nevil.
Glimkin bought a war pony from Kaulveras Greymantle and named him Turo.

1369, Tarsakh 11

The wagon arrived early in morning. It was driven by a guard named Jean Mason, who was from the hospital. She was beautiful, but a capable guard. The wagon had a cage on it, which we loaded Nevil in blindfolded and tied up.

About midday we were ambushed by a man who called himself Barney Abrams. He was also a nephew of Aunt Helen, like Nevil. He wanted us to free Nevil as he told us his Aunt Helen wanted Nevil dead and the sanitarium was a place where people did not leave. We tried to converse with him, but in the mean time myself and Arimith were able to sneak around behind him. Barney had 4 of his friends hidden in the woods. Aramith kept the 2 guy off on the right busy while I dealt with the right. I was able to knock out Bronze and then one of his other guards. I shot Barney's horse in the rear and made him buck and throw off Barney and he started running. As a team, we eventually captured Barny and his 4 guys (Nick, Lucky, Bronze, unknown).

We discussed returning them to Ashabenford, but Jean refused to turn back, so we traveled to the Shadow Hawk Inn and turned them over to the Riders of Misteldale. We also promised Barney that we would try our best to verify his story and not allow Nevil to be killed, if possible.

1369, Tarsakh 12

We decided to sneak ahead of the wagon and scout ahead so that we were separate from wagon/Jean/Nevil

Roger - guard? escaped convict?
Told us about large black hounds that attacked 1 year ago (Shadow Mastiffs)

Battle with spiders in woods

turned off road toward sanitarium
heard baying of hounds

screams, barking, howls

Made it to the sanitarium at night

gate, water, 4/5 story building
2 football fields wide
silhouette of a 1/2 elf female
guard fighting girl

(December 15, 2010 - real time)

Cobb and Glimkin snuck into Walter Plunk administrators room and we stole papers out of the office
broke in fairly easy

Group met Bartinez Stine (Wizards room) on 3rd floor, powerful wizard after fighting with Shadow Mastif

Freaky hell hound
letter from Hellen
Darkknight + 6 dogs
Lost 3 guards in last nights fight
Nurse Layla - healing pool

Slept for the night

1369, Tarsakh 13

Glimkin committed as inmate and has conversations with inmates on his wing getting to know them

Rest of group was on guard duty

(January 26, 2011 - real time)

Glimkin kept sneaking around the building 3rd floor
Talked to Sir Cirus - from waterdeep, lords of waterdeep sending 1,000gps, fought a village of wolves, turned into a werewolf

Baying of wolves caused Glimkin to run in fear
Made it to the basement, looks like a kitchen
went into fetal position on the floor and then got up and walked around after I wasn't afraid and lock picked the door

Cravanus Denostra - the sacred stone (Aramith) 500gp in return
double moon axe stone (Bartimus Stine probably has)

Matt (night shift), day shift - dave, karen, lil, beth, eric

1369, Tarsakh 14

(February 9, 2011 real time)

Aramith/Viet talked to captain
Taken into Administrator Plunk's office and docked a days pay

Had healing bath at noon.

Glimkin speaks to Sally (inmate) about inmates in the basement and she mentioned there is a rumor of a vampire down there.

Glimkin and Cobb speak to Bartimus Stine and he agrees to exchange stone with him for some glue. He remembers Cravanus from a previous time.

Glimkin takes a nap till dinner

Dinner Glimkin/Cobb overhear Plunk and 2 females guards talking about how they think Aramith is suspicious and Viet isn't
Glimkin/Cobb decide to spy on Plunk during midnight activities.

Captain orders nighttime guards to get ready for Cravanus to attack.

In office Liz, Beth, Matt, Plunk - bag guys
Karen, Eric, Paul - bad guys

Cobb and Glimkin brings the captain in on our mission by showing him the letter
He shows letters to Layla and we work out a plan to put them to sleep with sleep potions and will keep Plunk and his flunkies in prison.

1369, Tarsakh 15 (New Moon)

At midnight
Glimkin knocks out Walter Plunk in his office, 2 smacks to the head and 2 to the middle of his body.

Aramith give Cravanus the stone and gets his 500 gold.

1369, Tarsakh 16

Slept in the morning, discussed what we were going to do next.

Layla had a beautiful ceremony on the 3rd floor which cured Glimkin of his curse.
We talked to the captain and Layla and they were very appreciative of what we did from them by taking out the administrator and getting rid of Cravanus.
We took it easy most of the rest of the day.
Nevil will be cured in 8 weeks
Captain gave us 1,000gps to pay for Barney and we can keep the rest
We decided that we're return to Ashabenford and free Barney from prison

We visited Nevil and say that they breaking his bones to put them right, but we were not able to talk to him.

We hit the road about 3PM.

1369, Tarsakh 16

Spent Day at Hawk's Shadow Inn

1369, Tarsakh 17

Arrived in Ashabenford, freed Barney and men

Glimkin leaves with Barney for Tilverton

1369, Tarsakh 18

Glimkin and Barney arrive in Tilverton
Glimkim spends 8 days there
- meeting goldshire family
- Introduced himself to Albaeryl Tanthlyn (friend of Weaver's)
- explored town
- has some adventure (details to follow)
- Initial training as a Harper

1369, Tarsakh 26

Glimkin leaves for Ashabenford from Tilverton

1369, Tarsakh 27

Glimkin returns from Tilverton in evening

1369, Tarsakh 28

Day of rest for the party
Glimkin spends time looking for Weaver who is scouting to the west

1369, Tarsakh 29

Great Wizzo and company performs story of how Randal Morn killls Malyk in 1353.

Lady Mira of Shadowdale reads groups fortune.

1369, Tarsakh 30

Great Wizzo performs ballad he wrote that evening called We Represent the Lollipop Guild, poking fun at the adventuring group and angering Aramith and Viet.

Rhinox goes out of control and party calms him down.

1369, Greengrass

Spring Festival "Song of the Trees" (Important Holiday for Ashabenford and Druids)
12:00: Master Mourntarn leads Ashabenford in planting ceremony
1:00PM: Group plants magic acorn in their favorite meeting place

Group parties all night.

1369, Mirtul 1

2AM: Children summon group to Shundulks Forge. They meet with Mezrin and Weaver and find out Randall Morn has been captured and they need to save him

Party immediately travels west to Shadowdale

1369, Mirtul 2

2AM Party arrives in Shadowdale
Sleeps at Old Skull Inn, meet Jhaele Silvermane

Meet 2 Freerider scouts (names?)

10AM Party travels west

Meet merchant caravan who was recently attacked by kobalds
Commander Scott Harikon - caravan master
Leo Norwell - Goldshire merchant

Party buys a couple things (crossbows of quality, I think)

Party camps for the night at the Shrine of Torm/Chauntea, hears wolf sounds in the night.

1369, Mirtul 3

Meet Timekeeper dwarves traveling west into Desertmouth Mountain

Party sleeps south of Serpentsbridge

1369, Mirtul 4

Cross Serpentsbridge

Fight with stirges
Deal with stirge icor on thorns

Party sleeps at entrance to Giant's Craw

1369, Mirtul 5

Mouse scouts out Giant's Craw and finds Zhent patrol.

Party sneaks into Giant's Craw that night and open door to Shraevyn's Tomb
Fight Zhent patrol and drive them off.

1369, Mirtul 6

(early morning)
Party chases Zhent patrol and find them fighting Ankhegs
Rescue Avium and return to tomb
Party re-enters tomb, fights guardians, and re-cover Sword of the Dales, but Randal Morn was not there

1369, Mirtul 7

Party travels back to Mistledale

1369, Mirtul 9

While at Glen, Viet receives word from his cousin Durok Stonehammer of the Oreseeker Clan that his clan needs help. The party decides to travel to the Dagger Hills to help.

1369, Mirtul 11

Party arrives at Oreseeker Hall (July 27, I think). They run an iron mine with some silver, which we later find out has some mithril, which the dwarves keep a secret. We find out that 1 6 man dwarven crew is missing and we were being asked to investigate. One of the missing men was Viet's Dad, who helped find new veins of ore. We jumped into a cart and rolled deep into the caves to a huge natural chamber and from then on we were on foot. We lowered ourselves to a lower using a weighted lift and continued on.

(August 10, 2011) we continued through a natural cavern and climbed down a hole that let to another cavern. We encountered a small group of goblins who we fought and were able to capture a couple.

(August 24, 2011) Blizkreig joined us out of nowhere and helped us in a battle with duegar.

The prisoners were questioned and their gear was examined.
Viet guessed at what the potions found might be and Arimith and Cobb confirmed his theories.
A room was discovered that held a hideous slave so horrible that she is 99% covered in white robes and linnens. She is controlled with a leash. The room is a broken teleportation chamber that can be fixed.

Another room was then discovered and you found a hidden floor stash with secret scrolls in it. They revealed this place as an important launch point that was once overrun by the dark dwarves.

Krunk questioned the Goblin further as to other places he failed to mention. The goblin added that there were other paths that would take them indirectly to the Drow enclave and they did not have to go in those directions. A water reservoir, an endless pit, a giant spider lair and a goblin town were optional paths.

Once the gang reached the Drow enclave Krunk lead a negotiation with the guard captain in the release of the Dwarven prisoners. Multiple plans were conceived and when the captain re-entered the stronghold Arimith, Cobb and You (Glimkin), stealthily reconed the outpost. The fearless three noted 6 Drow guards, 4 medium sized spiders, 2 large spiders, a large spider nest, one Drow wizard, a Drow Cleric and 4 almost dead, tortured Dwarves that were soon to die. You struggled with the idea of blowing your cover and attacking the Drow in order to save the Dwarves. It was at this point an unconscious dwarf moaned your name and asked if you were here. This got the attention of the Drow and gave you an easy shot at her back. You then realized that is was Cobb and knowing he was in the room, the two of you could save the dwarves form death. You smoke her hard with your staff almost knocking her to the ground, Cobb then unleashed a searing ray of fire that burned all her flesh from her head.

Arimith made himself known and a quick plan was to be relayed to the gang. Arimith then snuck back to the group and Cobb and you used two healing potions and bandages to help the Dwarves. The two with the healing potions are doing ok while the others are better but are in not condition to fight.

When the group starts the attack on the guards we are to attack the drow wizard and hit the guards from behind.

SIDE NOTE: Cobb almost got eaten by a big spider but he levitated himself up off the floor and used ghost sound to redirect the spiders attention.

(October 5, 2011) - Cobb/Glimkin finish the cleric and escort the recused dwarves out, while the rest of the group engages the rest of the dark elves at the door. A long battle ensues and the group gets out.

Celebration - 4 lost dwarves
10 Elders

Rapier, 2 Potions, Want (magic Missle), Book on anatomy, drow

crossbow, book (lay lines), spell book, book - expensive poetry, book (goblin - dark elf translations), book (building teleportation circle), book (temple, dark elf?)

Dertim Whitestone, Hale Shalestone, Owen Coppersmith (mitral +1 staff), Derben Ludger (Viet's Dad), Gimlin Blackrock

Slave - wrapped in white
Dark Dwarves
Dark Elves
Captured Goblins and darf dwarves
leader guy interagates
mystical talks about below ground magic
books and scrolls from slave girl
Tell Asparna
Zowie takes the leash
Flower - ears human, skin gnomish, human head

Flower told us about the population of the elves: 12 soldiers, mage, 3 clerics, 1 dragolith (1/2 drow, 1/2 demon), 4 large spiders, 4 medium spiders

temple, wizards

6 years ago - drow/duegar fight

(October 26, 2011)

party all night
Flower sleeps on floor

Durok - arrives with 4 dwarves (Gummi, Ownen, Glowen, Doc)

1369, Mirtul 12

dwaves one cleaning the ruble from the hole that goes down
Spider Battle around sealed up hole
Very acrobatic

(November 2, 2011)

Clearning out top
Krunk/Glimkin - go down
dwarves start digging up high

(November 16, 2011)

Finished battle with Dark Elves

Secret passages lead away
Temple - spider themes
Found a secret door with a large chest of treasure
chests - gems
Queen Paragine, Tomb of
Necromancer taken over by

1369, Mirtul 13

Spend day with dwarves (fitted for armor, rested)

1369, Mirtul 14

100 mile journey from dwarves to Spiderhaunt - 3 days travel

1369, Mirtul 16

Night of first dream

1369, Mirtul 17

Sneaking past Zhentarium
Battle with Tierimar on Wyrvn
2 Darkenbeasts

Spider battle with Madarn

Talking to Telimas of Stormpenhauder
Using non-violence with drunk Ogres (Desertsmouth)

Spent night in hut on Lake Melishar

1369, Mirtul 18

Driving off Leopards (gift from Madarn if party survives)
Scouting out the Dream Tower
Finding secret doors
Battle with Ghoul's and insect swarm - hardly anything
Interactions with Edmound Even In Death
Illusion and the pit
Talking to Hedistrin
Zhentarim (3 fighters, 3 spellcasters)

1369, Mirtul 19

3 days back to Daggerdale

1369, Mirtul 22

Zhentarim calvery
spend night off of Tethamar Trail

1369, Mirtul 23

Traveled West
Avalancher attack

1369, Mirtul 24

Traveled North
Saw dragon to the south west

1369, Mirtul 25

Met Freerider scouts
Shadow Shield

1369, Mirtul 26

Journeyed to hidden Freerider camp in Dagggerdale Hills

1369, Mirtul 27

Infiltrated Dagger Falls (very early in morning)
Rescued Randal Morn and escaped

1369, Mirtul 28

Returned to Freeriders camp (early morning)

Rested most of day

1369, Mirtul 29

Prepared and rested
I believe some scrolls were created

Zhentarim attacked Freerider camp

1369, Mirtul 30

Cleanup of camp, helping survivors, burying the dead
Return to Daggerfalls

1369, Kythorn 1

Day of rest and cleanup

1369, Kythorn 2

Day of rest and cleanup

1369 Kythorn 3


PC's are knighted and given 50 arcres of land along with gifts

1369 Kythorn 4

Thing return to normal
PCs spend time engaged in personal activity

1369 Kythorn 5

Nevil is released from the Sanitarium
PCs spend time engaged in personal activity

1369 Kythorn 6-28 (23 days)

PCs spend time engaged in personal activity

Glimkin, spends time training with Knights of Myth Drannor.

1369 Kythorn 29 (Full Moon)

Letter is delivered to Krunk notifying him of kidnapped Cobb/Rose

We go out to scout keep in the swamp
Encounter were-wolves and fight them

Try to find wolvesbane but it seems Sequoia is always 2 steps ahead of us and picked and bought all the wolvesbane around town

Avium and Glimkin turn into wolves with other wolves in the wolfpack and run around the ruins where the wolves live.

Spend night at wolfs keep.

1369 Kythorn 30 (Full Moon)

PC's try to Ambush Sequoia at his/her hotel room (I was not here most of this session)

1369 Flamerule 1 (Full Moon)

PC's get into battle with were bears that night. Battle goes bad and end up having to retreat.

Clicking sound from rock. Battle with Umber Hulk, Aramith is captured and taken to underdark to be sold as slave.

Due to hit earlier by werebear, Glimkin goes unconscience due to dual lyncanthropy.

Return to the safety of Dagger Falls and ask for help from Randle Morn.

Glimkin is cured of Lycanthropy due to illness.

(July 11, 2012) - session canceled

(July 25, 2012)

1369 Flamerule 2

Wake up in morning and both Blitzkreige and Viet are gone, captured by dark elves (Viet was a doppleganger)

Werebears walk into town and Brimstone (the leader introduces himself).

We work out a plan to join forces and travel to the Old Dwarven Ruin together (Dwarven Spire)

(August 8, 2012)

We are ambushed and battle generally goes bad, though we all survive. Sequoia used an illusion to trick the wearbears into an explosion trap.

Returned to Dagger Falls and Randel helps us learn one of the werebears is a doppleganger

We interrogated the doppleganger and found out a lot of information (whether to believe or not is another thing)
Sequoia is a female (possible dark elf) assasin from Tilerton
Works with dopplegangers
Others in group were sold into slavery to dark elves
They enter into the underdark through a keep that only people with a valid reason are allowed to pass (slave dealers)

Found stuff on doppleganger:
Found a scroll
Amulet of Non-detection (given to Avium)
+1 Silver Long sword
+2 Bracers
Teleport scroll which takes you to a specific location in the underdark

(August 22, 2012)

1369 Flamerule 3

Worked out a plan where the wolves and wearbears would go to other locations to lead Sequoia on different paths

We (Glimkin, Krunk, Avium) would be smuggled out of town in a wagon and dropped off some distance away. We would then make our way to the Sanaterium to meet with Bartimus Stein

80 mile - difficult terrain (6 days on foot - faster at first due to being dropped off)

dropped off at night near river to south of Daggerfalls

1369 Flamerule 4


1369 Flamerule 5


1369 Flamerule 6

Evidence of a black dragon in swamp, smell of acid

Solaris - originally 1/2 copper dragon, but I believe is full dragon

Said there is a "skeleton" dragon, probably the one was saw evidence of before

1369 Flamerule 7


1369 Flamerule 8

Made it to Sanitarium
Told Bartimus Stein that Cobb was trapped in the underdark

Transformed into Spiders
Bartimus Stein Teleported us to a small

Followed cross hairs (some powerful detect spell) through small dark elven settlement to where the group (Cobb, Aremith, Blitzkrieg, Viet) were being held

Bartimus Stein started killing dark elves

(September 5, 2012)

Snuck in
Killed wizardly dark elf
Blue Skin - tusky fangs - ogre magi

Freed rest of group
Knock/Dispel Magic

Got the partying equipment back

Not sure if true in new timeline - Evidence that they killed all the prisoners - very disappointing

North Passageway leads to Tilverton
Western passage leads of dark elf city

(October 17, 2012) - 2 sessions prior were canceled

Viet, still not freed from his collar.

We decided to try to make our way to the same building we teleported into and teleport Viet back home.

Glimkin tried to scout out path in the form of a large spider. There were dark elves hiding, found an injured dwarfen female slave named Darla Ironmountain. Flew back in form of bat with Darla in the bag of holding. Krunk healed her.

We snuck out as a group, but found the building wanted to teleport from, crawling with dark elves, spiders, and driders.

We changed plans and decided to leave through the gate towards the Dark Elf city.

A short ways out we teleported Viet and Darla back to the dwarven clan, in the mountains.

We walked about an hour and encoutered a stone bridge over a gorge covered by an illusion of a prismatic wall. Flew under and Krunk killed the guards with a cone of cold.

Another 1 hour we came to a stragely lit domed temple. Anti-magic removed Glimkin's shape change. Had potions that blow up, but also allow quick travel over stone.

Another 1 hour we came to an elevator controlled by a hill giant named Brian and his dark elf keeper. We defeated the dark elf with ease.

We caught up with Rose and her 6 dark elf guards shortly later, fought them and freed Rose. We picked up dark elves stuff which included documents written largely in drow/undercommon.

(November 14, 2012)

We decided to journey back to see if we could take Brian the Hill Giant with us when we left, as it was unlikely he was going to be able to survive. But on the way back we encountered a group of driders and a dark elf at domed temple room with the anti-magic aura around it. We should have used stealth to check out the room, but the group basically decided to charge instead. Solaris charged in followed by Blitzkrieg who tried to save her. Krunk tried to turn into a green dragon and tried to threaten them as much as possible. Glimkin jumped on the dome and was able to hit one of them a couple times with his staff. Scarlet the dark elf assassin was amoung them and we managed to kill her, but not without Solaris dieing as well. Krunk disappeared during the battle and was no where to be found.

Teleported back to Sanitarium

1369 Flamerule 9

Spent day at Sanitarium

Met Ancil. Party lets him join group for no reason

1369 Flamerule 10

Traveling to Ashabenford

1369 Flamerule 11

Traveling to Ashabenford

(Dec 26)
Run away wagon (2 trolls + wagon)

Party travels route wagon came from NE down Moonsea Ride

1369 Flamerule 12

(Jan 9)
2:00AM - Very early morning - Encounter with Zhentarium ambush (Troll, Ogre, 4 guards)

8:00AM - Viet and Avery enter White Hart Inn and battle and kill Glimkin (Feb 20)

Party Sleep 8 hours

Travel to Lumber camp

1369 Flamerule 13

Jan (23)

Travel to ambush site

Noon: Glimkin funeral

Return to Lumber camp (midnight)

1369 Flamerule 14

Rest at lumber camp

Maybe 2 hours of sleep

(Feb 6, 2012)

(3AM - Dark Elves attack)

Burried dead, interrogated dark elf

5AM - Viet and Avery meet up with rest of party at lumberjack camp

Cobb flys back to Ashabenford as bat
Rest of party sleeps 8 hours

1PM Cobb arrives in town

10PM Party arrives in town

(March 6)

Cobb diggs up Glimkin

Party Sleeps for night

1369 Flamerule 15

Party sends Glimkin coffin on wagon to Santitarium

Party leaves to chase down Brechtu

1369 Flamerule 16

Party arrives at Sanitarium midday

Party catches up with Brechtu's caravan around nightfall 8PM.

(March 20)
Party talks to caravan. Detect thoughts on guards.

Glimkin's body arrives at 10PM.

Party turns around. Arrives at Sanitarium late (midnight). Spends night there.

1369 Flamerule 17

Attempt to raise dead on Glimkin at noon. Fails, but find out that Glimkin's soul is easts of Ashabenford.

Party and travels and spends night near Hawk's Shadow Inn.

1369 Flamerule 18

Party arrives in town and heads east into woods based on where they believe Glimkin is.

Party begins battle with Ghost of Galath (2 PM)

(April 3)

Party defeats Ghost of Galath

Party continues onto Galath's Roost. Attacked men 4 men, 2 lizards guys, 1 shaman.

(April 17)

Freed Faren Brecher freed

(May 1, May 15, 2013 - games canceled)

(May 29, 2013)

Storms move in
Party tries to track down 2 people who tried to mind control Gwen
Ancil returns to Ashabenford
Party sets ambush for 4 orcs

(June 12, 2013)

Orcs slain
Party returns to Ashabenford

1369 Flamerule 19

Party rests in town

1369 Flamerule 20

Party returns to Galath's Roost

Does party rest in Galath's Roost or Mystra's shine???

(June 26, 2013)
Party figures our portal, uses it to travel to Mystra's shrine
Meet Iviss
Allow skeletal dragon and Handragath to pass
Scout out and attack the Tower of Bones

(July 17, 2013)
Party battles High Priest Ryngoth and his undead followers
Rescue Glimkin's staff

(July 24, 2013)
Party scouts out crypt - watches cultist leave

Party fights cultist (kills Obidian) and undead on way out.
Party meets Rían Lúthien Starflower of Lathander

1369 Flamerule 25

Party arrives in Ashabenford late

(Aug 7, 2013)

1369 Flamerule 26

Party travels to Sanitarium

1369 Flamerule 27

Party arrives at Sanitarium (midday)

1369 Flamerule 28

Divination is performed on Crown of Horns
Glimkin is raised from dead (noon)

1369 Flamerule 29

Party travels to Shadowdale (3 day journey)

1369 Midsummer

Party meets with Mayor and Knights of Myth Drannor/Blackstaff
Party for Midsummer

1369 Eleasis 1

Ashaba River back to Ashabenford via rafts

1369 Eleasis 2

Party spends day in Ashabenford
Aramith researches crypts and elves

1369 Eleasis 3

Travel down road to Lumber Camp
Party talks to Irlon Shulstarr

(Aug 21, 2013)

Party returns to Ashabenford

1369 Eleasis 4

Party spends day researching crypts

1369 Eleasis 5

Party investigates Galath's Roost, finds it buried and filled with poision
Party travels on food to Polyandrium

1369 Eleasis 8

Party arrives just South of Shrine of Mystra around midday

(Sept 4, 2013)

Party scouts out tower and eastern area of Polyandium
Party infiltrated Bone Tower and finds it filled with ghostly apparitions and specres as well as High Priest Ryngoth.

Downtime - A well Deserved Rest

Eleasis (9-30)
Eleint (1-30)
Uktar (1-8)

Glimkin's Downtime Outline:

(Someday I will write the narrative)

  • Elieasis (9-18): Glimkin travels to Dagger Falls to check in on Rose and help start some of the renovations to Dav Rothrrim ("Woodland Hollow" in Gnomish), Glimkin's, Cobb's, and Rose's home.
  • Elieasis (19): Weaver meets up with Glimkin at Red Rock Inn in Daggerdale. He delivers message from Mezrin Shundulk that he should travel to Suzail in Cormyr to see Artus Cimber for special training and evaluation for membership into Harpers.
  • Elieasis 20 - Elieasis 22: Glimkin travles south with Rose to Tilverton (maybe with other's too???)
  • Elieasis 23 - Eleint 3: Meet with Albaeryl Tanthlyn in Tilverton who gave Glimkin training and had an adventure with Tarsakh 18, 1369. Spent time in Tilverton. Met with Barney and some of Goldshire family. Spends some time trying to buy/sell things. Has some small adventure in town…
  • Eleint 4 - 10: Continues south through Arabel, Immersea, to Suzail. Spends a couple nights in Arabel.
  • Eleint 11-30: Training with Artus Cimber, learning about all kinds of places in the realms and learning new tactics, has an adventure…
  • Uktar 1-8: Return to Daggerdale-Ashablenford

End of Glimkin's Downtime

1369 Uktar 9 - Journey to the Great Dale

After 3 months group gathers together

Noristur - Tiefling Wizard - Ashabenford - meets with us delivering a scroll
Scroll - wax seal - block water
- letter from Serterion the Wise
- Needs our help in Great Dale 750 miles each of us
- Investigate the Vrath family
- 250pp
- 2 teleport scrolls
Mention of Rhest - dwarven cln holds
dwrves retired to mountains to watch mts
Rhestitor (Nation)
500 years ago -> 200 years ago
corruption - golbinoid HOrde -
main city sacked -
Rhest - sunen city
River - Runes of stone foundation
Drellin's Ferry

The Knights of Daggerdale arrive in The Great Dale via Teleport spell. They arrive some distance
from their intended destination (25 miles or so outside of Drellins Ferry, and Krunk and Mathilda are nowhere to be
found. After a search for their missing companions Cobb conjures mounts for those in the party who do not have
them and they begin their journey southeast along the road to Drellins Ferry. ARound mid-day they are ambushed
by a group of Hobgoblins lurking in the woods…next time…MARAUDER ATTACK!!!

1369 Uktar 9 - MARAUDER ATTACK!!!

Atacked by 6 hobgoblins
hobgoblin on a hellhound
Kar-rur-zul (people of the dragon)
captured - 2 soildiers, cleric, arcane spellcaster
dead human bodies - single merchant caravan
farmer + son - coins
Masterwork stuff - enchanted arrows
Red Hand

(November 13, 2013)

Farmhouse, cart, Heavy hourse
bodies farmer, son, merchant, 3 guards
1000gps, 500gps
3 hearvy horses
chainmail, banded mail,
potions, scrolls

(November 27, 2013)

Learned Warlord Koth - leader of advanced troops in Witchwood
Works in remains of Human castle

Traveled by wagon to town

Drellin's Ferry

Carl - the guard
Brother Derney -shrin of Lathander
Noro Winston - speaker
Captain Sarona Anita
Avarthal - druid
Drathgar - ferry master

Found out about different buildings in town

(December 11, 2013)

Went to dinner:

Sertirian - mentions Noristor
Vrath family keep - haunted
Twist tusk Forest Giant family lives there
Found out Jorr - woodsman, lives 7 miles down by black water

Kelen Shadowbank
Dalora Zahn - retired adventurer
Tormel - wealthy landowner

500gps each for driving off hobgoblins

### Spent night in Drellin's Ferry

1369 Uktar 10

(January 8, 2014)

Left to pick up Jorr

Convinced Jorr to join us

Met Hydra named Bertha at Causeway Crossing on the Dawn Way, ended up running away

### Spent night resting

1369 Uktar 11

Observed Vrath keep for a day. Watched 2 bankds of Hobgoblins arrive and leave.

### Spent night spying

1369 Uktar 12

Attacked keep

I killed Manticore in a single attack

gold coins necklace, cloak

After a quick attack was able to capture Koth and another goblin

Ghost was fake body in a rack

Koth's map

Found the Vrath vault under a secret door in the floor
found skeleton of Vrath himself

10 small chests

January 22, 2014

Cinder Hill North of Skull gorge bridge is where Karn is mustering an army
Brintol and Donovar - towns they plan on attacking
encrypted document

We left Koth and goblin imprissioned in the cells

We rode north

Found one of the forest giants Old Warklegnaw (Twist Tusk), returned him guantlet that Vrath family had took from him and he said he would help us against the


### Spent night at Giant's camp

1369 Uktar 13

Gwen scouted out army, he was assembling an army in the 1000's of goblins with ogres, hill giants, manticores, wyrven's. Red dragon was flying around

Febuary 5, 2014

We attacked the bridge. Green dragon and about 10 goblins.

Feburary 19, 2014

Skipped, nothing happened

March 4, 2014

Finished battle at bridge, destoryed bridge

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