We are the Harpers. We are the Lord Protectors of the Realms. Fools, all - but the Gods look down and smile glory upon us. Weep for us, watch for us, and hope in us. We shall not fail thee.

- Harper Chant (composed by Ailadrea Stars-in-mist, Bard of Neverwinter, Year of the Buckler)


Senior Harpers:

  • Dove Falconhand
  • Elminster
  • Storm Silverhand (Glimkin's "ultimate" superior in Harpers)


  • Mezrin Shundulk (NG hm F10), smith, Shundulks Forge, the South Trail
  • Weaver Halfast

Dagger Dale:

  • Kessla is the beautiful half-elf retired minstrel who ran the Red Rock inn.


  • Albaeryl Tanthlyn (CC hf R6; a swanmay), hunter & hunting guide, the Old Oaks, Sanders Street


  • Artus Cimber (NG human male, F? B?) - Artus Cimber was the youngest son of the highwayman known as Shadowhawk. When Artus was five, his father Scoril Cimber the Shadowhawk tried to teach him the fine arts of banditry in 1333 DR. He is lauded throughout Faerûn as an explorer, historian, and seeker of adventures. A member of the Society of Stalwart Adventurers (based in Suzail), Artus was once a disciple of Oghma, though he lacked the discipline to become an instructor in the history and lore of Faerûn. He has been awarded a medal for contributions to the study of Cormyrean history by King Azoun and the Society of Stalwart Adventurers.


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