Your lineage includes DNA of ancient origin other than human.
You might know of this as a beginning character or only the DM knows.
The qualities of your lineage vary based on the origin.
Ancient snake people.
Many variations are acceptable here since they love to expariment.
Bread to mix with humans and pass as human.
Once their origin is known to the PC they get Believer if they do not already have it. If they do, then True Believer. (Sanity damage armor 1 or 2)
Tier 1
Their night vision, sense of taste and smell are exceptional. [Perception checks increase 1 tier at T1]
Tendancy to wear dark colored glasses and wool clothing. [Does not sweat.]
Cold sensitive. [All tasks 1 Tier harder in cold conditions.]
Tier 2
[Perception checks increase 1 more tier at T2]
Stealth skill is naturally developed if not already a skill.
If it is a skill it increases 1 Tier.
Tier 3
Subtle regeneration. Recover twice as fast. (Roll 1d6 + your Tier) x2
Also gain natural Armor of 1, (tougher skin and bones)
Tier 4
Regenerate 3 times faster.
Tier 5
Regenerate 4 times faster.
Tier 6
Shapeshift into a snake or back into human form in 1d6 rounds. Heal all physical wounds during shift.

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