Hakon of Clan Bloodaxe is from a long line of King Darren Bloodaxe’s personal guard families.
Clan Bloodaxe has distinguished itself in many battles with the forces of evil, notably, goblins, orcs, giants, trolls, and in it’s history against a couple of liches and demons, and one dragon attempting to invade the dwarven undermountain stronghold and seize the dwarven wealth.
However, recently, a successful invader managed to drive the dwarves from their home at great cost, with the loss of the king and nearly all of the personal guard.
It has come to the attention of the survivors that the successful invasion was planned and funded from a source outside the realms of the creatures involved in the raid.
All survivors have vowed to discover the instigating villain’s nature and whereabouts, and exact revenge and justice at all costs, in the hopes of regaining their home.
Hakon’s tasks are to gather clues to reveal the villain’s identity from the seedier underside of Waterdeep and it’s environs, where such clues most likely will be found.

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