Glimkin Magic Item Wish List

This is a Wishlist of Magic Items for Glimkin going into the future

Staff of the Mouse


Glimkin's quarterstaff was designed and created by his friend Cobb to assist with his acrobatic fighting style. It appears as a perfectly balanced ironshod staff of great quality 5ft in length. The metal parts are actually adamantine (making it heavier) said to be made from the stone of the same falling star that created Mistledale and the wood darkwood (making it lighter) and the staff is stained with earthy tones. On mental command (free action) it can shrink from a length of 5 ft to 6 inches or anywhere in between, though the staff will always maintain it's same weight (3 lbs). It also has a powerful returning property. On mental command as a free action the staff will return to Glimkin's hands by the shortest route possible at any speed desired as long as it is within 1,000 ft. The staff can pull 250 lbs of weight between itself and the wielder. So if the staff is secured it can actually be used to pull Glimkin towards it. So it would be possible to throw the staff into a chandelier in it's 6 inch form, time it so it lengthens itself in the air, get caught in the chandelier (touch attack), and then be used to pull Glimkin up towards it (appearing like a levitate) and then return it to 6 inch and have it return to his hand. If an opponent were holding the staff and Glimkin pulled it would be contested strength as to who would win. If properly placed, it could also be used to trip opponents.

The staff's lengthening function could also be used as a weapon if it gets inside a creature, though once lengthened the staff will have to survive a break check or break (Hardness 20, HP: 40).

The staff is linked to Glimkin specifically and adjusting the length and the returning property can only be controlled by him, though it can be wielded by others as a normal staff. Due to his mental link to the quarterstaff, if it is destroyed, Glimkin is stunned for 2d8 rounds.

Medium transmutation: CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, telekinesis, telepathic bond,lesser; Price +2, +3,000 (Adamantine)
Staff with +1 enchantment: 21,000 gps
Staff with +2 enchantment: 35,000 gps
Staff with +3 enchantment: 53,000 gps
Staff with +4 enchantment: 75,000 gps
Staff with +5 enchantment: 101,000 gps

Justification Notes: +1 higher than returning (DMG 225), does length adjustment and mental control justify an additional +1? Weapons of equal price seem equal or weaker in strength.

Scout's Headband (MC p132) - +2 spot, darkvision, see invis, true seeing

Eyes, Lenses, Goggles



Amulet of Teamwork (MC p70) - +3 bonus for flanking, +5 AC comp bonus for 1 rd
Harper Pin (Lesser) - (Magic of Faerun)
- Ring of Mind shielding
Harper Pin (Greater) - (Magic of Faerun)
- immune to magic missle, nondetection, resist elements (electricity), undetectable alignment, _5 resist verses mind effects

Rogue's Vest (MC p130) - +2, hide, move silent, reflex, 1d6 on sneak attacks

Mithral Chain Mail


+5AC, +2 MaxDex, -5 armor check, 40lb
Nimbleness (MC p13) +1 max Dex, -2 armor check
Mithral - silvery, glistening,
one catagory lighter,
max dex +2
armor check -3 (in favor)
+1 - +5 enhancement over time

Belt of Hidden Pouches - (p74)

Cloak, Cape, Mantle

Bracers of QUickstrike (p81) - 1 extra attack 1/day

Gloves of the Balanced hand (p105) - 2 weapon fighting
Gloves of Dex (DM)

Freedom of Movement
Ring to Staff? (

Speed (p14) haste 1 rd
Acrobat boots (p67) - +2 tumble, 3 charges for speed
Boots of Agile Leaping (p76) - Use dex instead of str on jump, can stand as swift action
Boots of Jumping (p77) -
Boots of Striding and Springing (DM)

Others, non slots:
Thieves Tools, Masterwork - +2 to Disable Device and Open Locks (magic to +5 circumstance bonus maybe)

Some type of item that gives +5 (or more) circumstance bonus with Specialized Tools ability (See Nightsong Infiltrator)

Possibly use Array rules in Magic Compedium to give abilities for multiple items:
Fleet Warrior's Array (p197) - Bracers of blinding strike, sandals of the light step, vest of free movement - gives +2 AC on AOO and dimension door 1/day

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