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Glimkin was born in 1325 (Flamerule 16, night of full moon holy to Baervan Wildwanderer) in a small farming community of other gnomes just on the outskirts of Ashabenford. Many people who grew up with call him Mouse, due to how small he is and how silently he can move, but his mother and newcomers usually call him Glimkin.

He experienced a relatively carefree childhood helping on the farm and spending winters doing all sorts of odd jobs for many people in Ashabenford, as well as dreaming of a life of adventure. He occasionally got in trouble, but nothing very serious.

During the battles close to Mistledale during the Time of Trouble (1358), Glimkin helped with simple support tasks mostly in Ashbenford. While helping to carry supplies to the front line, he even caught a glimpse of Tempus. After seeing the death and destruction caused by war, Glimkin’s attitude became more subdued, but he still dreamed of a life of adventure to help those who suffered hardship.

It was during the war that he met up with Weaver Halfast, a halfling scout who worked for the Riders of Mistledale. He became a kind of mentor for young Glimkin and every chance he could, Glimkin traveled throughout the Mistledale area on Weaver’s less dangerous scouting assignments. Weaver told stories of his travels and taught Glimkin much about how to survive in the wild as well as many other skills.

Both his mother and father still live in Ashabenford along with several siblings. Though still close to his family and his community, Glimkin currently wants to pursue a life of adventure and is willing to go where ever he is most needed.

Glimkin cares deeply about his family and Mistledale. He has a heart of gold and will go out of his way to help people, even when they do not necessary want his help. He will generally try to find ways to avoid combat, preferring to sneak past trouble rather than meet it head on. Though if he must, he will risk life and limb to save another. If he needs to, he is good with a bow, but prefers using a staff in close quarter fighting, replying heavily on his acrobatics, as well as using his staff as a tool to push away branches and balance himself as he moves through the woods. He loves to move quickly through the woods, jumping, and tumbling as he moves and it is a common morning exercise for him.

Physical Description:
Size: Small Height: 3’ 8” Eyes: Brown
Age: 44 (in 1369) Weight: 48 Hair: Black

Attitudes towards other party members:

Krunk – For the most part Glimkin has been one of the few people who doesn’t have the same fear and racial prejudices that many other Ashabenford’s have towards the ½ ogre. But it doesn’t stop him from sneaking up on him from time and time asking, “Hey big guy, how’s it going?”. Currently Krunk is on a religious quest for Tyr and spends most of his time in and around Ashabenford. But whenever Glimkin gets the chance while in town, he catches up with his good friend.

Cobb – Glimkin and Cobb were born around the same time and grew up in the same gnomish area of town. The two were close childhood friends and Glimkin considers Cobb his best friend, though he would never admit that out loud. They have traveled through the forest together from time to time in recent years gathering components of interest to Cobb’s research. It was Cobb who invented the name "Mouse" from some of the adventures they had. Currently the two travel together, working well as a team and getting into plenty of trouble.

Aramith – Glimkin does not know much about the mysterious elf and only has more recent dealings with him. Most elves left Cormanthor 1344 and Aramith was one of the few that chose to stay, for reasons that have yet to reveal themselves. Glimkin believes it has something to do with Aramith's father, who is a powerful elven diviner and lives a secluded life away from his elven family in Ashabenford. Aramith, like his father chose to remain among humans rather than his own people as well. He has proved himself a capable warrior and is deadly with a bow, though little else is known about him. Aramith has some magic ability and has worked together with Cobb and is possibly the only reason why Glimkin trusts him.

Gwendolyn – Glimkin met her after befriending Weaver, who also was originally from Stumphill, the halfling village southwest of Ashabenford. She has a strange love of nature, which Glimkin admires. Gwendolyn has recently left the group, saying she had business to attend to in the forest.

Blitzkrieg - Born in the town of Glen, this dwarf cleaves through creatures with his axe. He is a Paladin of Tyr and he and Krunk were good friends growing up. He says little and tends to sleep alot.

Viet - Born in Glen and introduced to us through Blitzkrieg. Viet is a strange one, seemingly ignorant of his surroundings, it is mysterious how he is able to survive. Perhaps there is more to him then I think. He has proven himself to be capable in a fight and is a capable locksmith.

Faren Breacher - Cleric of Lathander (I believe). Faren traveled with us a very short time and then left us around the time we returned to Ashabenford with Nevil. I do not know what became of the gentle preacher.

Glimkin's Horse Turo


Turo was born in Kaulveras Greymantle of Ashabenford’s stable and Kaulveras trained him as well. Glimkin had spent a small period of time helping out Kaulveras at his stables earlier in his life helping shoe horses and doing odd jobs and the stableowner trained Turo specifically for Glimkin. Turo is generally attracted to people with a similar disposition as Glimkin and ornery towards those with a dark heart. As long as Turo is within listening distance there is a certain whistle that Glimkin knows that can get his attention. Generally speaking if left alone and with enough grass to feed on, Turo can take care of himself.

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