Ghost Hunters Faces

People Missing:

Jason Hawes created The Atlantic Paranormal Society, or TAPS, with fellow plumber Grant Wilson. Both are part of a small, blue-collar Rhode Island community where many of the TAPS members were born and raised.

When Grant Wilson's not hunting or plumbing, he's whipping together an authentic Italian dish (he spent two years in Italy and speaks Italian fluently). He can also be spotted writing songs on the piano and guitar, and penning fantasy novels.

Kris Williams was born in Massachusetts and raised in New Hampshire as the oldest of three children. Her close-knit family was always open to the possibility of the paranormal - specifically ghost hauntings.

Amy Bruni is a good example of what happens when a hobby, turns into a passion, which in turn becomes a way of life. Like many in the paranormal field, Amy grew up in a haunted house. Yet, unlike most in that situation, Amy's family embraced it. Her Father was an amateur paranormal investigator and routinely, he and Amy would investigate haunted sites. At a young age, she was reading and absorbing everything paranormal related she could get her hands on — and as she grew to adulthood, that didn't change.

Tom Shannon …. production manager
Paul Matyasovsky …. production coordinator / production assistant
Kendall Whelpton …. camera operator / jib camera operator
E.C. Pauling …. associate director

People Not missing:
Heath Banks …. executive in charge of production
Roxanne Manzano …. hair stylist / makeup artist

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