Galath Roost Treasure

6 iron bars - continual flame
playing cards
pillow made of embroidered Waterhavian silk stuffed with goosedown worth 50gps
1 week of fresh food and water

Darnarest's Guide to Enchanting Blades (4,000gps towards making weapons or armor)
2 masterwork rapiers
+2 defender rapier
2 masterwork rapier's
scrolls (blur X2 , ice storm
scroll (keen edge, shield X2)
spellbook (all cantrips in players handbook, blur, magic missle, identify, magic weapon, shield)

4 masterwork longswords
4 suits of chainmail
4 shortbows, 40 arrows, 40 +1 arrows
4 potions of cure light wounds
100 gps
200 silver
100ft rope

4 Elixir's of Fire Breath - can breathe up to three times for 4d6 fire damage 25ft, DC 13 reflex for 1/2, dissipate in 1 hour
4 Potions of Bull's Strength
+1 Short sword (Bane - Elves) - serrated/curved
+1 Short sword (keen) - serrated/curved
2 +1 short swords - serrated/curved
Ring of minor energy resistance (fire)

4 black pearls (500gps each)
100 gps
20 pps

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