Firroth: Adult white dracolich; CR 11; Large undead; 15d12+45; hp 142; Init +4 (Improved Initiative);
Spd 60 ft., fly 200 ft. (poor), burrow 30 ft, swim 60 ft; AC 25 (-1 size, +16 nat, touch 9, flat-foot 26); Atk +18 melee (1d8+11 and 1d6 cold, bite), +15 melee (1d6+5 and 1d6 cold, 2 claws), +15 melee (1d6+5 and 1d6 cold, 2 wings), +15 melee (1d6+16 and 1d6 cold, tail slap), Face/Reach 10 ft. × 20 ft./10 ft.; SA Spells, frightful presence, paralyzing gaze, paralyzing touch, control undead, breath weapon (50 ft. cold cone, 5d6 damage, DC 21, Reflex half); SQ Blindsight, darkvision 180 ft., keen senses, scent, damage reduction 5/+1, damage reduction 5/bludgeoning, immune to cold, sleep, paralysis, polymorph, and electricity, vulnerability to fire (normal damage and cannot apply SR), icewalking, fog cloud at will, undead traits; SR 19; AL CE; SV Fort +12, Ref +9, Will +9, Str 19, Dex 10, Con —, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 12.
Length: 40_.
Skills and Feats: Bluff +16, Concentration +14, Diplomacy +14, Escape Artist +10, Jump +33,
Listen +31, Search +28, Spot +30; Alertness, Cleave (claw or tail slap only), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Snatch, Sunder.
Special Attacks: Frightful Presence: Creatures within a radius of 180 ft. are subject to the effect if they have fewer HD than the dragon; a potentially affected creature that succeeds at a Will save (DC 18) remains immune to the dragon’s frightful presence for one day; on a failure, creatures with 4 or fewer HD become panicked for 4d6 rounds and those with 5 or more HD become shaken for 4d6 rounds (see Fear under Special Abilities in Chapter 3: Running the Game in the DUNGEON MASTER’s Guide).
Paralyzing Gaze: Gaze paralyzes victims within 40 feet for 2d6 rounds if they fail a Fort save (DC 18); if the saving throw is successful, the character is forever immune to the gaze of that particular dracolich. Paralyzing Touch: A creature struck by a dracolich’s physical attacks must make a Fortitude save (DC 18) or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds.
Control Undead: Once every three days, a dracolich can cast control undead as a 15th-level sorcerer. Snatch: A dragon that hits with a claw attack attempts to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If the dragon gets a hold with a claw on a creature four or more size categories smaller, it squeezes each round for automatic claw damage. If it gets a hold with its bite on a creature three or more size categories smaller, it automatically deals bite damage each round, or if does not move and takes no other action in combat, deals double bite damage to the snatched creature. A snatched creature gets no saving throw against the dragon’s breath weapon.
Special Qualities: Blindsight: A dragon can detect creatures by nonvisual means. Keen Senses: Sees four times as well a human in low-light conditions and twice as well in normal light. Invulnerability: If slain, its spirit immediately returns to its host. If there is no corpse in range for it to possess, the spirit is trapped in the host until such a time—if ever—that a corpse becomes available. A dracolich is difficult to destroy. It can be destroyed outright by power word, kill or a similar spell. If its spirit is currently contained in its host, destroying the host when a suitable corpse is not within range effectively destroys the dracolich. Likewise, an active dracolich is unable to attempt further possessions if its host is destroyed. The fate of a disembodied dracolich spirit—that is, a spirit with no body or host—is unknown, but it is presumed that it is drawn to the lower planes.

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