Dwarves Of The Secret Shalestorm Mine

Dwarves Captured

Durbin Lutger
Gimlin Blackrock
Hamm Shalestorm
Addlin Coppersmith

Location: South end of Dagger Hills, secret hidden valley. Secret merchant train moves goods in and out. Fear of Zantarum.

Mine Population 100, 5 Families, 10 Elders, 10 Industries

1. Masons, Stone cutting and building (20)
2. Smiths, Iron, Silver, Mythril, Weapons, Armor, Tools (10)
3. Carpenters, builders, crafters (10)
4. Grocers, cooks, farming, trading (5)
5. Brewers, mead, ale, stout, tea, coffee, healers (5)
6. Leatherworkers, work clothes, tanning, tools, crafting (5)
7. Tailors, clothes, crafting (5)
8. Miners, drilling, digging, geologist (30)
9. Soldiers, fighters, defenders (5)
10. Sheppard, animal handler, animal trainer (5)

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