In the Dalelands, recent warefare has destroyed the last two known and long-established circles; the Circle of Shadowdale and the Battledale Seven, although a few individuals from each of the groups have survived and are trying to re-build.

The Circle of Shadowdale

  • Mourntarn "the Master" - 12th level male human
  • Eimair - Human female - Married to Mourtarn
  • Deltra - Human female - 5th level Eimair's daughter
  • Veshar - 9th level Male Half-elf - Elder of the Circle of Shadowdale
  • Orben "Bearclaw" - 9th level Male Human - Member of the of Shadowdale. Disappeared during the Time of Troubles (mystery remains)
  • Feldel - Half-elf female - Youngest of the Circle, Companion to Deltra


  • Briadorn
  • Rathagol
  • Temis
  • Reptar
  • Selvan
  • Goven (deceased)

Druid Friends:

  • Iviss
  • Essma
  • Unda the River Fairy
  • Salvel the Talking Trout

Ritual in Orban's Grove
Tree Planting Ceremony - Done on Festival of Greengrass

Battledale Seven
I found no details on them, but I would guess there is not many left

Zelensha 6th Male Halfling - Resides in Phlan

Lanseril Snowmantle 10th Male Half-elf of Silvanus - Knight of Myth Drannor

Aubaerus (AWE-bare-us) 16th Male Human TN Silvanus Hierophant druid of the Thunder Peaks


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