Drow Paperwork

All written in dark elf.

1) Deeds of Ownership the Dhuurniv family holds in Drow Outpost (would be worth something to dark elves)

2) Records of Slaves trades

3) Letter written in Illusionary script (Joe has letter)

4) Small novel

The Fall of Azmaer Dhuurniv, Last Drow Marshall of the Twisted Tower

Nobel drow ruled Shadowdale until the early 900s Dale Reckoning. When the the increaseed human population brought the dark evles into conflict with their new neighbors. Humans had just crossed the Dragon Reach and made peace with the elves of Myth Drannor a millennium earlier settling on the borders of the great woods. The drow found themselves under continual attack and most retreated to below ground.

Marshall Azmaer of the Twisted Tower oversaw the last retreat of the drow holdings in the face of the humans for a year-long siege. THe drow fought bravely, but were deceived by a human who poisoned the well in the tower and was overrun.

Azmaer's body was not found amoung the dead and it is commonly believed that he escaped back into the depts to rejoin his people. But many believe he is in voluntary exile, hiding from both human and drow until he is needed again.

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