Drellins Ferry Getting To Know The Locals 11 13 2013

Contract/Agreement with Drellins Ferry Town Council to Drive off Hobgoblins:
500 GP Reward to each member of the Knights of Daggerdale
- 250 GP paid up front, 250 GP paid upon completion

600 GP of Minor Magic Items from the Following:

Arcane Scrolls of:
Dispel Magic (375 GP)
Fireball (5d6) (375 GP)
Invisibility (150 GP)
Fly (375 GP)
Mage Armor (25 GP)
Web (150 GP)

Arcane Potions:
Cats Grace (300 GP)
Invisibility (300 GP)
Fly (750 GP)

Divine Scrolls of:
Bless (25 GP)
Cure Moderate Wounds (150 GP)
Cure Serious Wounds (375 GP)
Dispel Magic (375 GP)
Lesser Restoration (150 GP)
Resist Energy (150 GP)

Druid Potions of:
Barkskin (300 GP)
Cure Light Wounds (50 GP)
Lesser Restoration (300 GP)
Neutralize Poison (750 GP)

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