Drellins Ferry

Avarthel - Male Half-Elf Druid. A member of the Keepers of Eth, the Druidic Circle of the Witchwood
and the surrounding natural environs of The Great Dale. A solemn man who keeps an eye on how the
folk of Drellin's Ferry use (or misuse) the Forest. Prefers to use persuasion and reason to encourage
responsible stewardship over the natural world, but he has been known to fly into a fierce wrath when
more stringent tactics are called for.

Brother Derny - Male Human Cleric (Lathander). A stout, pompous, preachy, and long-winded man
of faith. He is good and charitable and goes out of his way to aid those in need.

Captain Soranna Anitah - Female Human Fighter. Leader of the Town Guard, captain of the Militia,
and Chief Constable. A tall, strong woman with simple good looks and a stern, un-smiling manner.
Soranna holds a seat on the Town Council, but strictly interprets her role with respect to maintaining
law, order, and the safety of the citizens of Drellins Ferry. A former Merchants Guard, she is well
traveled and seen her fair share of trouble.

Delora Zann - Female Human Fighter. A former member of the Famed Golden Drake Company,
a band of renowned adventurers, she retired to Drellin's Ferry some years ago. She is a plain-speaking,
no-nonsense sort of woman. She wears her blonde-gray hair pulled back in a single braid.

Iormel - Male Human Aristocrat. A wealthy landowner who has served on the Town Council for
more than thirty years. He is a selfish, miserly, stubborn, and almost universally disliked throughout
the Town of Drellins Ferry. A tall man with a halo of tangled white hair, he squints and scowls at any
unfamiliar face.

Jarret Nurth - Female Human Expert. A dark-haired southerner who came to Drellins Ferry and bought
out the previous owner of the general store. She is well connected throughout town and hears all
sorts of interesting bits of information from the traveling merchants that come through Drellins Ferry.

Kellin Shadowbanks - Male Halfling Expert. Head of the Shadowbanks Clan. Kellin is an affable, brown
haired Halfling who dresses in a broad-belted waistcoat. Kellin is the Owner/Proprieter of The Old Bridge
Inn, and is adept at putting others at ease. His clan keeps well informed about events throughout The
Great Dale.

Morlin Coalhewer - Male Dwarf Expert. A swordsmith and armorer of some skill. Pragmatic and outspoken,
he is also a seasoned veteran of goblin wars long past.

Norro Wiston - Male Human Aristocrat. The Town Speaker, a tall, balding man of about 50 years who wears
a neatly trimmed salt and pepper beard. A wealthy landowner whose family has been prominent in Drellins
Ferry for generations. He is a hard worker and keen businessman who has been Town Speaker for almost
ten years and during that time Drellins Ferry has enjoyed peace and prosperity.

Sertieren The Wise - Male Halfling Wizard (Abjurer). A highly regarded Halfling of middle years who wears
spectacles and a disheveled mop of gray-white hair. An unassuming scholar, unselfish about using his
magic for the benefit of his neighbors and Drellins Ferry. He has contacted the Knights of Daggerdale to
aid in his historical research by investigating the ruins of nearby Vraath Keep.

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