The Cursed Coal 1345 DR Ches 4th

(Players game session #1 - Jan 16 2013)
4th of Ches
Heros meet at the Sleeping Gull and head out to the farm that is late on a cheese delivery.
They meet the eldest son, now a zombie and re-kill it.
They then reach the farm and investigate the open barn.
In the barn a zombie horse attacks the party.
The destroy the zombie horse and save the kittens in the loft.

Experience gained: 200 each (Total: 200)
Items gained: None
Items lost: None.

(Players game session #2 - Jan 21 2013)
The heros enter the desecrated house and fall into dispair.
Kazgoroth, the Beast is the God that this desecration is devoted to. He is also known as Bhaal, the Lord of Murder.
The zombie farmer attacks the Dwarf and Paladin from the stairs and is smote by the pair.
Screams in the attic call the Paladin to help the children, while the zombie farmers wife attacks the wizard and bard.
The wizard is hit by the zombie and runs form the house with his terrible wound.
The bard and dwarf face off with the vile zombie and fail to wound it sufficiently.
Meanwhile the paladin carries the children to safety, almost, he is out of the attic and on the second floor.

Experience gained: 200 each (Total: 400)
Items gained: None
Items lost: Uziel has 1 hp left. Zombie mom has taken 3 hps of damage.

(Players game session #3 - Jan 23 2013)
The paladin runs down the stairs, falls and almost kills the kids.
Zombie mom grabs the Bard and bites him.
Dwarf wrestles the zombie off the Bard.
Wizard runs to the Paladin with two lit torches.
Paladin runs in with torches.
Dwarf kills the zombie mom with the lit torch and she burns to cinders.
Dwarf heals the Bard's wounds and removes the evil from him.
Dwarf and Bard enter the cellar and collect evil coal. Then burn house and barn to the ground.
On their way back to town they stop at the closest farm and warn them of the possible danger.
They all go to town.

Experience gained: 200 each (Total: 600)
Items gained: Evil Coal and evil goo.
Items lost: All are healed of their wounds.

Day 2 through Day 5, 5th of Ches to 8th of Ches

(Players game session #4 - Jan 29 2013)
Back in town they investigate the coal and ooze.
Bad dreams and mind control cure half the party.
Dwarf is stopped from desecrating the church with the coal and Omega sees zombies everywhere.
They stop the evil magic and research the curse.
Dell enlightens the group as to the nature of the magic.
The party searches for the sword of Cymric Hugh on Devil's Rock.

Experience gained: 50 each (Total: 650)
Items gained: None.
Items lost: None.

Day 6, 9th of Ches

(Players game session #5 - Jan 30 2013)
The party travels to Devils Rock and searches the island.
They find a cave and a secret door.
Omega has his leg paralyzed in a urchin trap.

Experience gained: 50 each (Total: 700)
Items gained: None.
Items lost: None.

(Players game session #6 - Feb 1 2013)
Dwarf searches cave alone.
Dwarf falls paralyzed.
Paladin falls paralyzed rescuing Dwarf.

Experience gained: 50 each (Total: 750)
Items gained: None.
Items lost: None.

(Players game session #7 - Feb 4 2013)
Uziel scares off the Koldbolds and all are rescued and exit cave.
An old man brings tribute to cave.
Party schemes.

Experience gained: 50 each (Total: 800)
Items gained: None.
Items lost: None.

(Players game session #8 - Feb 6 2013)
Island is searched for possible exits from cave.
A back door is found and entered.
4 vermine attack party in main cave. 2 have their faces melted off with acid. 1 dies of head trauma from mace. 1 dies from arrow to spine.
Door is broken down.
Bard thinks he is a burglar.

Experience gained: 150 each (Total: 950)
Items gained: Potions (antidote?, healing?) 8 from main cave assault, 6 from inside back door (Bard). Caltops used.
Items lost: Acid flask-Uziel.

(Players game session #9 - Feb 11 2013)
Siege of the Kolbold Cave.
Omega sneaking and killing two of three.
Frontal assault, battle royal. Down to the last Kolbold.

Experience gained: 150 each (Total: 1100) Level 2 gained, 1 week of training needed.
Items gained: none
Items lost: Potions 1 antidote used by Paladin. 2 Acid flasks used.

(Players game session #10 - Feb 19 2013)
Siege of the Kolbold Cave.
Omega sleeping on the job.
Attacked from behind , 2 left ransomed Omega back for the banishment of the party.
Told of the town in danger of the black curse.

Experience gained: 150 each (Total: 1250) 1 week of training needed.
Items gained: 24 potions of resist poison +4, 30 min duration. 15 Healing potions, thick liquid choking hazard DC 11 Fort, d8 heal. +1 Shortsword of Northman design. Made by Elrick Blackhammer, Value 2380 gp.
Items lost: Potions 4 healing used by party. 1 Acid flasks used.

Day 10, 20th of Ches

(Players game session #11 - Feb 25 2013)
Olive Smiley the rescued Kolbold warns of the plot against the town of Pengram. He becomes a source of information for the workings of the little devils.
The party parties in Caer Corwell during the Spring Festival.
Before, during and after the festival, the plot is monitored but no danger is revealed.
After returning to Kingsbay the heros learn of a Northman boat on the shores of the island of Snowdown.
Thoughts of the yet living Kolbold Shaman raising an army of zombies pushes the heros back to Devils Rock.
On the way they check out the boat and find evidence of zombies.
A week of training levels up the party.
Gifts are handed out to fight the zombie threat.

Experience gained: 50 each (Total: 1300).
Items gained: Wand of Disruption 25 charges, 1d6 damage to undead to Uziel. Mace of the Mother's Blessing to Adain (blessed mace, +1d6 damage vs evil). Hammer of Justice, +1d6 damage vs evil to Furos.
Items lost: none.

(Players game session #12 - Mar 6 2013)
The party tracks the zombies to a creek that the Dwarf thinks is an ancient dwarven staircase.
A large Ram has crushed the skulls of two zombies and the pool at the bottom of the mountain holds their bodies, which have polluted the pool.
Evidence of much time spend by the zombies trying to get to the Ram is all over the rocks.
Continuing on the party encounters the last four zombies.
Furos eventually charges one and obliterates it.

Experience gained: 50 each (Total: 1350).
Items gained: none.
Items lost: 10 feet of rope, one flask of oil, one flask of holy water, a few arrows.

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