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Cooper Goodspeed is a human from the 5th planet of the Audrad system, at the edge of the outer rim. The planets in that system have sufficient natural resources for their own needs, but not enough to make mining such a remote area financially viable. The inhabitants have achieved mid-21st century technology, and have colonized a couple inner planets and several moons of the outer gas giants. The remoteness and solitude of the system makes it an excellent hiding place for those people who don’t want to be found, such as a Failed Jedi named Anton Tran, hiding from the Empire after the Jedi Purge.
Cooper is the oldest of four siblings, and showed much promise in his youth, being a gifted athlete with a knack for understanding others. However, as the child of busy parents, his father, an esteemed professor and his mother an accomplished attorney, he found less enlightened paths for excitement, such as petty theft. At the age of 15, Cooper tried to rob Anton Tran’s apartment, but froze in fear at the flash of lightsaber. Instead of turning him into the authorities (or chopping off a few limbs) Tran counseled the young man. He soon recognized Cooper's natural skills were, in fact, raw Force Sensitivity. Tran saw enough in the boy to teach him to harness his powers and to follow the Jedi Code. Cooper took to it with seriousness and zeal.
Ten years later, with not nearly enough training, the teacher could no longer keep his student on planet. Besides, Tran can feel there are other Jedi out there, and his pupil has great potential to be a force for the Light Side.

Height - 175 cm
Weight - 75 kg

Current Character Sheet:
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