Cobb's Notebook

1369, Chez 16

My sister told me I should keep a journal of my travels and what I learn now that I have graduated from my training in the weave of Mystra.
There is so much more to learn so I better just to keep it all straight. I just hope I find the time to keep it up to date.

After I finished powdering the sulphur down from the chunks that hardened from the bottom of the barrel, Almaes told me that tomorrow I will need to head to Hawk's Shadow Inn. He wants me to get a sample of mustard from Gan Tenook's contest. Mustard, honestly where is the magic in that! I'm a Gnome not a halfling. Maybe Aramith with come with me, we could compare spells and make the time worth something at least.

1369, Chez 19

What the heck happened last night! Dreams that are too clear and mustard that Gan spiked with magic. I'll get back to this after breakfast.

The past three days have been much more than I expected. There is so much to write about.

Chez 17, Aramith and I met up with Krunk, Blitz and and Gwen on the road to Hawk's Shadow Inn. It was nice to have a larger group on the overnight trip. I hate to think about the monsters that roam the woods.

Chez 18, we all arrived that night after dinner but before the mustard eating contest. There were no lamb chops left but there was soup and cheese and bread. Blitz and I entered the contest. Blitz is a tough dwarf that could eat glass. I however had a few tricks up my sleeve. I altered the mustard seed into sodium bicarbonate and ate the prized concoction. It was still hot with peppers of some kind but there was something else in it too. Blitz and I lasted for a while longer than the rest of the participants, then I blacked out.

Chez 19, In the morning I woke up and was trying to tell Aramith about a dream I had that was not a normal dream. He said he did not dream and dismissed the conversation. After I got dressed and went down stairs, no one was there, other than the friends I came with last night. Blitz mentioned he had a weird dream but then went looking to see if anyone was anywhere. The rain was coming down in buckets. Some one then said they heard drums and a quick look over the wall showed two koldbold war machines being put into place to storm the Inn. Everything was happening so fast. We shut the gates and rummaged through the inn looking for stuff that could help us in a fight. Gwen went to the stables and spooked the horses into charging the gate and the koldbolds. Her plan worked but now left the gate open. Aramith and I were at the gate towers when the first volley cam from the catapult. Rats. They tossed rats at us. Aramith ran as the surviving rats scurried in and around the tower. Kizmat and I told the rats that there was plenty of food in the inn and it would be better to run there quickly than to bite any of us. All but one took off so I gave it the boot.

A couple of Koldbolds were climbing over the wall on the west side. Aramith shot one and the other ran into the Inn will a lit torch. Aramith followed. Blitz, Krunk and Gwen with her dog ran out and faced down the Koldbolds that were not trampled by the stampede. I could not see any targets with them hiding in the rigging of the war machines, so I kept watch and kept the odds even. Big K and Blitz made short work of the Koldbolds as Gwen held her own. It looked like we were getting the upper hand when one darted off to get reinforcements. I let my bolt fly and took it down. Which surprised me all to heck. The battle soon ended and we took prisoners and looted their stuff. They did not have much, just a bag of wood worms and a skin of acid.

We questioned the little twerps and found out they were ordered to attack the Inn by someone else, some woodland spirits. The rain started to quit and the boys finished going through all of the rooms in the Inn. We found some healing ointment and used on the wounded. Aramith and I needed to prepare some spells before we took off after the abducted people. Blitz said something about having a weird dream too, but he and Krunk were out the door and looking around before Aramith and I were done. They wondered back an hour later acting funny. It was like they did not know where they were. It turns out somehow they lost all memory of the past day. We filled them in as to what had all happened and they were back to their annoying selves.

Aramith and I figured out the yellow spore from some magic plant was added to the food last night by some unknown person. The pork-chops which we did not eat last night because they were out and the special mustard together, made the patrons of the Inn easily abducted. Krunk and Blitz also said there was a dead elf in a garden. This is where the special spore plants are that rob your memories. If I go through that stuff I will lose all the spells I have prepared for today. And with us going after who knows what, I was not going to get close to it. It turns out that the dead guy in the garden was a Ranger who’s lover was the local Tree Lady. His memories were my dreams the last night. Oh and by the way, there is still no sign of Glimpkin.

When we were all ready we headed out into the woods. We tried to follow the tracks of the people who wandered out of the Inn. We soon came upon a giant tree with a Glimpkin up it. He was safe up the tree from the two huge wolves that had an odd look to them. My Whisper Gnome childhood friend was found. We all climbed trees and waited for one of us to come up with a plan. Gwen, being a Druid, talked to the wolves and calmed them down. After a time they ran away. Glimpkin told us that there was a great evil in the woods and all was wrong.
The Koldbold said he was supposed to take any prisoners to a clearing and leave them for the spirits to take care of. So we went to the clearing and waited. We acted as if we were tied up and waited. After a while a fog crept into the clearing and laughter was heard. Nothing happened so we let the prisoner go and told him to never come back.

Glimpkin said the Dryad of the great tree had been kidnapped by the evil spirits and took her away. We tracked the missing people and Dryad to a dry river bed and a big hill.

Observations of Nevil Goldshire

As our town of Ashabenford was being assaulted by a mysterious monster the council thought it was an attack from the north. We were sent to patrol the south. It was here we found an old road and were attacked by a skeletal owlbear. Their monster. We tracked it to a bridge and here we were warned not to proceed because the way was dangerous. Some awakend birds told us that the Druid Bearclaw had given them the task to guard the bridge. A short was past the bridge the road fell away to a deep hole. It was apparent that many things could fall down the hole by accident. The gravel here was loose. We could see that the skeleton crawled up the hole with its claws and therefore we needed to check down the hold to make sure there were no more.
That is where we found Nevil. He is a young man broken in mind and body. He dressed his dead parents for dinner and made skeleton friends to play with. His wagon and horses and all that fell down the hole he used to survive with. Animals and humanoids alike were his to consume and use. He was well organized in his cataloging and preserving what fell down his hole. Many skeletons were stripped of all flesh and sinew and then numbered for assembly. His knowledge of anatomy must be genius. He distilled all of anything that fell down the hole. He was carving stairs to go up and out and was making stairs and a ladder to go out the hole.
Glimkin panicked at one point and we had to subdue Nevil before things got worse. We brought Nevil back to town and there the magistrate sentenced him to the care of the Archam Hospital. And that is when things got interesting.

New Spells

My mount spell is very handy. I am working on improving it. I think I can also turn levitate into Fly. If I create a temporary thermal vortex and then release it I can make the rays of fire into a ball of fire.

Crafting magic weapons

I have been looking over the elf book on swords. I think I can make some high quality weapons in to magic ones.

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