Church Of Lathander

Dagger Falls
Torc of Lathander

The Dawnspire - Myth Drannor

  • Abbess Alaecathra Shuinrond (P16)
  • Gundlar Ironcrown (P14)
  • Sub-prior Baerant Telcharr (P12) - grim leader of many battle-forays into Myth Drannor
  • Szuldas Anlath (P9) - Cellarer
  • Rian Luthien Starflower
  • Hand of Lathander Danreth Tallathern (P8) - diplomat
  • 14 priests (5th-14th lvl)
  • 24 non-adventuring clerics
  • 26 lay followers (7 fighters of 3-6th lvl)

TSR's Karen Boomgarden and I also spent a great deal of time poring over the book and the Myth Drannor maps trying to find the answer to this one. (The floor in Karen's cubical is just about large enough to accommodate all the maps at once. An onlooker would have had a grand time watching the two of us trying to study the maps without soiling or tearing them with our shoes.) Karen and I suggest placing the temple in the Westfields area, just south of the Burial Glen (see the Campaign Guide to Myth Drannor, page 15.)

Keep in mind that the Dawnspire isn't just a temple — it's more of a small enclave, complete with farming areas inside its walls. There is simply no way, without tossing out a chunk of canon, to assume that the temple destroyed by the fey'ri was, in fact, the Dawnspire. It's far easier to assume, as Sage mentioned, that a newer (and obviously smaller) temple had been built within Myth Drannor proper. Besides, as Lathander is a god of rebirth and renewal, and that's why he had people there, it makes sense for them to eventually move into the city.

The Sanitarium
Lathander has some influence over the healing waters

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