Campaign Starting City

The characters will all be in a town or city at the start of the campaign.
Which one is up to us.
If you do not have a town or city by name in mind, just indicate the type of town your character would be in.

(Joe) I think the place we start in needs to be decided before characters are made so that everyone has some ties to the area. I do not think we want people to come from all over the place.

(Joe) At least to start, I would suggest avoiding large/popular cities to avoid getting caught up in worldwide issues or events from novels (places like Waterdeep, Silverymoon, Calimport, Capital Cities, etc.). I was thinking we should find a medium sized town to accommodate if people's characters require a town of some size, though if you want a more "gritty" campaign, probably the smaller, more remote the place, the better.

As a start, I would suggest maybe one of the following places:

1) The Moonshae Islands: probably in Callidyrr, the most cosmopolitan city to start. The Moonshae Islands have a more Celtic look and feel to it, have some larger towns, but mostly rustic. There's a lot of detail in the "Moonshae" 2nd addition supplement including a large map. The disadvantage of the place is it's some distance from the mainland, so there's probably certain organizations and gods that may not exist there.

2) Ten Towns - ten towns, low population, cold weather and rustic, it might be a good place for a more gritty campaign. Basic details exist in "The North" supplement downloadable for free from Wizards. Probably a bad place to start if you need a city or want to play a warm weather race or something odd.

3) Everlund in the Silver Marches - population 21,388 - good mix of races, rustic forests, small towns to the east, the campaign could move to Silverymoon or Waterdeep areas at higher levels, some information (maps and leadership exists in "Silver Marches" supplement), but plenty of room for growth. This would be a more "generic" area then #1 and #2.

4) The Dalelands (avoiding Cormyr, Sembia, and Shadowdale) - also at a time prior to dark elves invading and after the elves left. Probably could start in Ashabenford in Mistledale. Kinda rustic area and people could originate from nearby.

I'm not sure if we should be considering more "alternative" areas. I left out thinking of desert or jungle areas for example and places like Halruaa as being too magical. I also left out Thay, Mulhurand, and Chessenta due to their racial prejudices and slavery dependent economies. I'm not opposed to something different though.

Along with a starting place, we should have a starting date. As a starting point, I'd suggest something prior to the Time of Troubles (1358). I'm not a big fan of Cyric and I liked the trio Bhaal/Bane/Myrkal as bad guys. Maybe somewhere around 1340 as a starting suggestion.

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