Awk Archam Cypher

Archetypes: 1. Hunter, 2. Investigator, 3. Leader, or 4. Psychic.

Hunters have martial experience.
Investigators can be scholars or reporters or criminals.
Leaders have charisma and social connections and wealth.
Psychics have occult knowledge.

Archtypes Might Speed Intellect
Investigator 10 10 10
Leader 9 9 12
Hunter 12 11 7
Psychic 7 10 13

Add 6 points to the three stats in any increment.

New Stat; Sanity = Intelligence x 3.
Can be partially cured with XP and gaining phobias. (as well as other ways)

I think starting skills should be common profession skills with some specializations in those skills.
Character start with 3 specialized skills making the DC 2 tiers lower.

More specialized skills can be acquired by increasing a characters age by five years and reducing the Might or Speed pool by 1. This can be applied multiple times upon character creation.

Main Setting is Miskatonic University

Level Gain

To go up a Tier (equivalent to going up a level in most systems) you need to do the following four things.

  1. You spend 4 xp and get a new point of edge; put this in speed, might, or intellect.
  2. Four xp goes to a level of effort. Effort is it's own discussion point but it's similar to spending a point of willpower in White Wolf.
  3. Spend 4 points to increase your speed or int or might pool by 1. Does not effect Sanity.
  4. You also spend 4 xp to learn or improve a skill.

Tier 1
Gain 1 Edge in any Stat Pool.
Normal Professional equipment and skills are acquired.
A public or private / secret character perk is added to the character concept to create a valuable trait for an investigating character.
A background may be weaved into the their perk.

Each Tier Above 1
Gain back 1 Sanity (current) Tier (3 points) and Increase Sanity 1 more tier (3 points) past starting Sanity (max).
And your personal "VERB".

XP Purchases
Gain Sanity back. 1 xp per 3 points recovered.
Learn a spell for 4 xp.
Cast a Spell for 1 xp.

Encounters can reduce sanity points.
Casting spells can reduce sanity points.
Major and minor phobias can be acquired to gain sanity points back. Phobias are somewhat permanent.
Minor is loss of 5 Sanity in one encounter. Choosing to take a minor Phobia or Mania will gain 15 Sanity back, but not over max.
Major is loss of 15 in one game session. Choosing to take a major Phobia or Mania will gain 30 Sanity back, but not over max.
Minor DC checks start at tier 2. Major start at tier 4. Circumstances may adjust the tier.

Sanity Resistance (Asset)
Desensitized, Tier 1 and 2, are skills to make Sanity checks easier.
Believer, True Believer, Tiers 1 and 2 are also skills to make Sanity checks easier.
Believer and True Believer are also sanity damage armor of 1 and 2 points.
A background or character trait of fearless will also drop the check a tier.

Sanity Related Skills
Desensitized, believer, and some professions may reduce DC.



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