Aust was born in the year 594 during the height of Myth Drannor’s beauty as a city. He lived a normal elven life in the City of Song for the most part. He became apprenticed to Darcassan, diviner of Windsong Tower and worked with his master for many years up to the time of Myth Drannors fall. It was his master who first predicted the doom of Myth Drannor in 692. Aust fought and used his divination powers to help the elven people during the time of the Weeping War to the best of his ability though in the end it was not enough.

Aust was a member of the group known as the Eternal Srinnala which formed in 685. They believed fervently in the vision that the Srinshee held of a perfect Myth Drannor. Before the fall of Myth Drannor Darcassan was able to predict approximately when the Srinshee would return and was able to put his apprentice Aust in an advanced state of reverie in 712 2 years prior to the end of the war to only awaken during a time in which he would be allowed to see the Srinshee return. With the help from a druid friend who was able to hide him, he awoke in 1269.


The fate of Aramith's mother is a mystery.

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