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Almaestaddamir Auldcastle, commonly called Almaes, is an alchemist who lives in Ashabenford. He is known for crafting and selling such items as tanglefoot bags, sunrods, various acids and antitoxins and smokepowder. Almaes once offered to build a smokepowder-keg-throwing device to combat the drow for Haresk Malorn, but he politely (and likely wisely) declined the offer

Arlho (LG hm F0)- Owner of Arlho's Fine Flasks, a brewery and winery:FRS1, 36
Arvien Blackhair (LE hf T4)- Tin/pewtersmith, Zhentarim spy :FRS1, 37
Braunstar (LN hm F1)- Skilled craftsman and cart repairer :FRS1, 37

Heresk Malorn (LG hm F0)- High councillor of Mistledale :FRS1, 34;FRCS:CR, 64
Haresk Malorn is the current High Councilor and Mistran of the council that rules over Mistledale. He also commands the Riders, Mistledale's mounted defenders. Despite this, Haresk is known as more of a wise and compassionate merchant rather than a true warrior. As there have been more attacks from the drow as of late, Haresk feels that he might have to step down for someone with more military experience.[1] Regardless of whether or not this will be the case, Haresk is well liked by the people of Mistledale.[2]

The House of the High Councilor is Haresk Malorn's residence and it is the largest building in Ashabenford. It is also used by the council a nearly official seat of government

Heldo Ubler is the no-good son of Thorm Ubler the mill-owner of Mistledale. Though he has never gotten into serious trouble, Heldo is known around Ashabenford as a braggart and a bully

Holfast Harpenshield (NG hm F9)- Owner of the White Hart Inn, ex-adventurer :FRS1, 36
Holfast Harpenshield is a retired adventurer who runs the White Hart in Ashabenford. As he enjoys the company of adventurers, Holfast freely shares information and advice with those passing through his inn. He is known for sporadically throwing out merchants from Sembia or the Moonsea, depending on whether or not he likes their demeanor.

Iletian Blackeagle (NG hm F7)- Leder of the Black Eagle coaster :FRS1, 35
Jarwain Evensword (LE hem F4)- Owner of Jarwain's Imports, Dragon Cult member :FRS1, 36

Jhaer Brightsong is one of the most well-known traveling minstrels in Mistledale. She enjoys telling stories of ancients dangers and is known to assist adventurers who share their tales with her

Jhanira Barasstan (NG hf P5)- Maintains a shrine to Chauntea :FRS1, 36
Kaulveras Greymantle (LN hem F2)- Owner of Kaulveraus Stables :FRS1, 36

Multhimmer (CN hm T7)- General trader and fencer :FRS1, 37
Multhimmer is a merchant who runs a trading post in Ashabenford. He occasionally deals in stolen goods.

Nelyssa Shendean (LG hf Pal12)- Captain of the Riders, paladin of Chauntea :FRS1, 35

Nerval Watchwill is the High Priest of the temple of Tyr in Ashabenford. He currently spends his time aiding the Riders in their defense from the drow of Cormanthor.

Parvus Ubler is one of the rotten sons of Thorm Ubler the sole mill-owner of Mistledale. Parvus and his brother Heldo are the resident troublemakers of Ashabenford, though they have always somehow dodged being run out of town

Nethmurta (CG hef F0)- Owner of the Blinking Owl tavern and four warehouses :FRCS:DM, 28

Thorm Ubler (NE hm F0)- Greedy owner of Thorm's Mill :FRS1, 36 Galrath's Rest
Thorm Ubler is a miserly man who profits heavily from owning the only mill in all of Mistledale. He has two sons, Heldo and Parvus.

Galrath (unknown)- Bandit captain who raided the Dale and built this fortress (dcsd) :FRS1, 37

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