Alphabetical Listing Of Npcs

List of NPCs spreadsheet

Abrams, Barney - Nevil's cousin, tried to take Nevil from us while escorting him to hospital, we captured and turned over to Mistledale guards
Nick, Lucky, Bronze (one that Glimkin knocked out), 1 unknown - Barney's men

Abrams, Helen, Aunt - rich aunt to Nevil (Last name is assumed), lives in Tilverton. Wants to put her nephew Nevil in Sanitarium and requested Walter Plunk to put her nephew Nevil to death.

Goldshire, Nevil - crazy necromancer we found in a hole (Last name is assumed)

Mason, Jean - guard sent to escort Nevil and group to the sanitarium

Rhianon - (bard - harp) lovely, blond, green eyes, jade silk gown, has pet snake named Cassandra, lives just north of Ashabanford

Glumtoes, Harfur - gnome archaeologist in Ashabanford. Owner of Book of Sappy, Drivelly Love Poems, which was stolen by Rhianon

Sir Sirus - inmate in sanitarium, from waterdeep, lords of waterdeep sending 1,000gps, fought a village of wolves, turned into a werewolf

Sanitarium NPCs

Bartimus Stine (Nutty Wizard)
Walter Plunk (Administrator)
Betty (nurse) - nice rack
Paul - guard
Captain Arlen
Nurse Layla - Cleric of Light
Guards on night shift - Paul, Siemon, Greg, Matt (asshole), Jim (dumb), Bob (smelly), Chip (girl, 1/2 elf), Jean
Nurses - Karen, Liz, Beth, Eric
Roger - (daytime guard, I think)
Beth - daytime guard (ally of Walter)

Sally - from Moonshae islands, afraid of bad things
Aaron - Daggerdale, gets water treament
Skip - fear of talking due to fear of demon. Brother is a paladin, demon was after daughter (I think)
Stan and Duke (talked to at table) -

Cravanus Denostra - dark knight with 6 shadow mastifs

Lady Mira - fortune teller met during Greengrass, lives near Shadowdale

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