AD & D Cormyr

Here is the tale of high adventure


Money Names

Tin = Farthing
Copper = Penny
Electrum = Pence
Silver = Shilling
Gold = Crown
Platnum = Royal

Experience Journal

Tales of High Adventure

In the small village of Thunderstone, where the famous Thunderstone resides, our young heroes discuss their thirst for adventure. A keep north and east on the edge of the Halleck forest is requesting help form citizens who wish to gain license to adventure freely in the realm of Cormyr. The band of friends sees this as their opportunity and plan for their departure.

They discuss a few rumors about the caves and decide to pack and leave for the keep in the morning.

Along the way on the second day as Erick scouted ahead, he stumbled upon a sick bear mad with fever and smartly ran back to the party yelling a warning of the bear. Fore he knew it would be chance to kill the bear before it would be upon him.

As he approached the party they were ready for it and the mighty dwarf took on the bear and held it back with his shield. The bear mauled at him but his armor and shield took the scratching claws.

Xten who had climbed the closet tree jumped on the back of the bear sinking his dagger deep into the bear. This was not enough to take down the bear, only make it madder. The dwarf swung his sword deep and true into the bear, but it was not enough to take it down. The elf sorceress cast her spell and bolts of force hit the bear and killed it.

Late that afternoon, after the bear attack Farris, the elf ranger, came upon a clearing as he scouted ahead of the party. Across the field on the edge of the woods stood two knightly figures in purple talberds on horseback, standing silently in the light mist of rain that now fell on the land. He stopped and waited for the party to catch up. Not knowing if they were Purple Knights or bandits the group discussed their approach of the two on horseback.

It was decided that the fair maiden elf druid, who had the most social graces among the party would address the knights, who at a closer look showed to be elves and not men. The knights appeared relieved and warned the group of bandits that were in the area. They discussed their associations with other Purple Knights in Thunderstone and of their destination, Lord Mansfield's Keep on the border lands. It was then agreed that the knights would escort the party to the keep and they set on their way.

Along the way a knight ordered the group to stop and be silent as he and his horse listened and sniffed the air. A smoky smell drifted on the breeze. It was the smell of the wood that gave little smoke that made camp sites noticeable. It could only mean they had found the bandit camp. The quietest of the party made their way out into the woods in search of the camp.

Xten, a quiet and stealthy halfling, stole from tree to tree looking for the bandits. Farris was a short ways away from Xten and spied a bandit in the very tree Xten was hiding under. The bandit had not seen Xten and Xten did not see the bandit. Farris contemplated the danger Xten was in and loosed an arrow towards the bandit in the tree, but missed. The bandit and the Xten heard the arrow fly and the bandit spotted Farris as he was loading another arrow. The bandit pulled back his readied arrow and was about the shoot Farris when Xten fearing for Farris's life, threw his favorite dagger at the bandit in the tree and hit him with perfect aim. The bandit lost his balance and fell to the ground breaking his bow as he landed on it. The bandit was badly hurt but not dead so he got up and started to run north through the woods. Farris stepped up and shot the bandit dead before he could get away and warn his outlaw friends.

Farris and Xten brought the body back to the party and the knights recognized him as one of the bandits they were looking for. Guessing that the bandit was running to his camp to the north, then snuck up to the campsite.

As they spied on the camp they saw eight men with spears and two others who looked bigger and tougher than the others. The party noted that they were outnumbered but we have surprise. Plans of attack were discussed, but no real advantage could be derived. They finally decided that with enough arrows set loose in the initial volley, they could then outnumber the bandits.

They formed a skirmish line and sent their arrows and daggers into the air. Xten hid from view of the bandits in hopes of catching some unaware in the fog of war. Out of spells to cast, the elf sorceress threw her dagger at the back of one of the bandits sitting at the camp fire. It fell short. The two elf knights let a couple arrows fly each but only to down one bandit. The druid cast her spell, shellele on her staff to make it a magic and more powerful weapon for the battle. Farris also let a couple arrows fly and he downed another bandit. The odds now were even.

The bandits grabbed up their spears and charged the party's skirmish line. Blows were exchanged all around and the cleric fell unconscious from a grievous wound. Xten seeing his chance to back-stab the bandits as they engaged his party, landed a blow upon his target but did not take him down. Farris swung a blow to the same bandit and took him down. Gortex the dwarf fighter , getting more crazed with battle fever landed a blow on a bandit but failed to take it down, but Xten was able to finish the job. The party quickly killed seven of the eight bandits with spears, but one seeing his friends all down ran for his life. Xten took to the chase.

Two larger bandits watched their minions fight and quickly go down. The party was unsure if they would attack, run or surrender. Gortex taunted them to fight and they charged the mighty dwarf and their weapons rang off his shield and armor. The party quickly surrounded and attacked the bandit leaders and took them down. While the last battle occurred one of the knights took out a potion of healing and magically cured the terrible wounds the cleric had sustained. He was up in and ready for the fight in no time. But it was over.

Meanwhile Xten chased the fleeing bandit for a long distance, caught up to him and took him down from behind. It was more effort to bring the body back, so he just brought his pouch of silver instead.

The party searched the camp and found a note written in code. Zantarum code. The knights concluded that these bandits were also Zantarum spies. The ate the deer that was already for cooking, the dwarf eating most of it, and they settled in for the night. Watches were made and the night passed without incident.

Later the next morning the found the valley for the caves of chaos.
The fought and killed all of the Koldbolds and ran back to the keep.
The next morning they healed up, met a fighter named spike and repaired their armor and weapons so they could go back.
The next day they went back and stored exploring an Orc cave.

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